How You Can Financially Profit from the PP-ACA?

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An Obamacare Sales Opportunity

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™


Dr. MarcinkoPresumably, as a result of my financial advisory activities, I received this email solicitation the other day,

So, I thought I’d pass it along [unchanged] to our ME-P readers, FAs, insurance agents and subscribers for comment.


[Better Contracts + Better Schedule + Better Career Opportunities] 

Dear Prospect [that would be ME],

I received your resume on Monster.  You already know that the real money in any organization is in sales. The salespeople of the world make things happen and are highly rewarded for that work.  But it’s hard work.

The Product

What if you could find a product that everybody needs, that they have money budgeted to purchase, and are looking for someone to help them buy it?  Do you think you could help that person? That’s exactly  the situation in the health insurance industry today!

Our government is telling people they HAVE to have it.  Folks are either buying it now from somewhere or will soon be eligible for subsidies so they CAN buy it.  And EVERYONE is confused and looking for someone with answers on how to get this product!

You can be that Person

Over the next sixty months, billions of dollars are going to change hands as people readjust to a dynamic health care environment.  How can you get into the river and get your hands on some of that money?  By preparing to serve people!

USA Benefits Group 

The USA Benefits Group is a highly successful team of insurance brokers who are “reform ready” – staying up to date on this perhaps once-in-a-lifetime shift in this industry.  We are independent, non-captive agents who are setting up qualified, turn-key “private exchanges” to help people obtain health insurance in a webinar-based setting from our home offices.

I’m encouraging you to click here: to learn more. If you’re serious and ready to make a move, you can call me toll-free now at 866-328-6182. If you’re qualified, I also have Regional Management positions available.

Advantages of working with my Eagle Division 

  1. 1. 36 year old system for success
  2. 2. 100% control of your future
  3. 3. Equal opportunity
  4. 4. Recession proof
  5. 5. Top Companies to represent
  6. 6. Excellent co-op lead program
  7. 7. Weekly advance commissions ($2,000 To $4,000 Net Weekly)
  8. 8. Vested Lifetime Renewals ($10,000 To $20,000 Monthly In Under 3 Years)
  9. 9. Annual Incentive Trips
  10. 10. Annual Production Bonuses to $50,000+

I’m looking forward to talking to you.
David Collins


  • Is this a good product to sell? If so, why does it need an intermediary to push it?
  • Don’t subsidies, carve-outs, exemptions and sales commissions serve to jack-up price and lower quality? [think eMRs]? What about the overall cost of healthcare delivery; up or down?
  • What about the USA Benefits Group; credible or not? Are cold calls the way to go?
  • What is your impression of Division Manager Mr. David Collins and his Eagle Division? Feel free to contact him … and tell him what you think.


Your thoughts and comments on this ME-P are appreciated. Feel free to review our top-left column, and top-right sidebar materials, links, URLs and related websites, too. Then, subscribe to the ME-P. It is fast, free and secure.


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Product Details


6 Responses

  1. How All Financial Planning – Even Fiduciary – Is About Sales, Sales, Sales

    As financial planning continues to shift further and further away from selling products and towards the delivery of quality advice, many have suggested that financial planning may soon reach the point where it departs entirely from its “sales” roots – a vision widely supported by both consumers and new financial planners entering the profession, who all view sales with a highly negative stigma.

    An essay by Michael Kitces MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL

    Hope Rachel Hetico RN MHA


  2. Hope and Dr. Marcinko

    What a sleeze bag.



  3. Physicians brace for ACA insurance eligibility headaches in January

    Millions of people might be signing up for healthcare insurance under Obamacare, but verifying their eligibility may pose major administrative challenges for physicians in January.

    So, these management experts offer advice.



  4. ACA Field Report 2014

    A new healthcare insurance report from JP Morgan?



  5. Is Obamacare a scam?

    “At its core, Obamacare is about controlling YOU and limiting your choices for medical care and how you spend your money. Obamacare is not about “affordable care” OR “patient protection.” When the government controls your healthcare, the bureaucrats and politicians decide what you get.” – Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., writing for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, March 16, 2014.

    See: “Obamacare: To Enroll Or Not To Enroll? That Is The Question”

    Here are the 10 reasons Dr. Vliet gives for not enrolling:

    – The Obamacare health insurance policies cost significantly more—likely more than the penalty (tax). Most people can expect to see their premiums double.

    – The Obamacare health insurance polices limit your choice of doctors.

    – The Obamacare health insurance policies limit your choice of hospitals. For example, several major state-of-the-art, internationally known cancer treatment centers are excluded.

    – Your out-of-pocket costs will skyrocket, with the new Obamacare health insurance policies having double and triple the deductibles you must pay before coverage will kick in.

    – Your medical privacy is lost when you enroll, and your medical information becomes controlled by the government agencies.

    – Your personal financial and health information may be seriously compromised by the security flaws in the website.

    – You are at risk of identity theft by providing your personal information to the “Obamacare Navigators,” a significant number of whom have been found to have criminal backgrounds.

    – Enrolling in the Obamacare health exchange may lead to compromises of your Second Amendment rights, as medical databases collect information on gun ownership.

    – Obamacare enrollees are finding it difficult or impossible to cancel their plan if they find a better option.

    – Obamacare policies are basically “managed care” with limitations on your options—and financial incentives for your doctor to restrict your care.

    Darrell Pruitt DDS


  6. Just how far did the Obama administration go to keep its failing signature program afloat?

    According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, its Health and Human Services Department broke the law to bail out insurers participating in the health-insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act.

    In doing so, it took funds meant to protect taxpayers and instead used them to pay off larger-than-expected losses under Obamacare.


    Ann Miller RN MHA


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