Time-Line to Launching a New Medical Practice

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A New Practice Checklist

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™


Dr. Marcinko at Emory UniversityIt is important to develop a general checklist that touches some of the most important issues in launching a traditional medical practice; or an extended medical service line.

Link: Chapter 04: Strategic Operations

Once the checklist or “to-do” list is completed, and practically it never will be, a time-line may be developed, accelerated, decelerated or modified depending on circumstances. Just think of it as an overlapping continuum rather than discrete steps using appropriate elements of the checklist below.

Time-Line Milestones to Office Launch

12 Months Out:

  • Determine your strategic competitive advantage
  • Obtain medical license
  • Craft a business plan
  • Secure capital funding and living expenses
  • Secure office location for professional, demographic or lifestyle reasons
  • Retain a practice management consultant, accountant, banker and attorney.

9-11 Months Out:

  • Retain and hire contractor, architect or remodeling firm and build out the office space
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy or appropriate permits
  • Incorporate the business [S Corp, LLC, PC, etc]
  • Obtain state and federal tax ID and EIN, DEA number, NPI, Medicare and Medicaid provider numbers, etc
  • Contact insurance companies for credentialing applications to become a contracted provider
  • Contact local medical professionals, hospitals and ASCs, etc.

7-8 Months Out:

  • Establish a benefit and retirement plan
  • Obtain insurance coverage [life insurance, malpractice insurance, disability and worker’s compensation coverage, etc]
  • Complete Medicare/Medicaid paperwork and from private and commercial insurance companies, hospitals, ASCs, etc.

5-6 Months Out:

  • Complete building out the office
  • Obtain furniture, office equipment, medical and administrative supplies
  • Evaluate and order computerized HIT and eHR systems
  • Begin insurance discussions and obtain policies from agent/broker/counselor

3-4 Months Out:

  • Policy / procedure manuals in place [OSHA, HIPAA, ADA, PA, etc]
  • Interview and start hiring staff, personnel and office manager [FT and PT]
  • Begin marketing and advertising [websites, blogs, yellow pages, TV, radio, etc]
  • Contact drug representatives
  • Retain a CPA, or similar accounting or payroll services professional
  • Secure traditional and electronic “new” yellow page ads
  • Rent a PO box and open a business savings and checking bank account
  • Get a business credit/debt card and unsecured line of credit [LOC], if possible.

1-2 Months Out:

  • Systems check [phone system, answering service, laundry, lawn care, janitorial and cleaning, security, collections, bookkeeping and payroll.
  • Contact clinical laboratory, biopsy, blood analysis, C&S services, etc
  • Contact and set up an account with a medical waste company (unless the landlord includes this in the lease or sub-lease)
  • Secure credit card or similar payment services
  • Prepare for MCO, HMO, CAQH credentialing and walk-thru’s, etc
  • Order office stationary, logos, business cards, etc.
  • Open house parties.

The Road Ahead for New Doctors

Impending Opening

Commence patient care.


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