“Purpose over Pay” for Financial Advisors? [A Voting and Opinion Poll]

Salary versus a “Seat at the Table”
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Currently, there is much buzz in healthcare about physicians looking to take on greater leadership roles and move beyond traditional patient care responsibilities. And, there are many doctors with the inclination and ability to rise to the occasion; despite diminished salaries, fringe benefits and other financial incentives going forward in the era of health care reform.

The Financial Services Industry

But, is this the case in the [reforming] financial services sector in the era of Dodd-Frank, etc? Of course, physicians are a special class of “learned” professionals, and Registered Representatives [RRs], stock-brokers and/or related financial advisors [FAs]; not so much!

And so, do you think FAs are willing to delay immediate compensation gratification for a “seat at the leadership” table in their respective industry sub-sectors?

IOW: Are FAs willing to accept “purpose-over-pay” like some doctors and physician executives, today?

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