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About My Morning Routine

[By D. Kellus Pruitt; DDS]

For lack of anything else to write about at the moment, let me describe my morning routine on the weekends.

I like to get up early – 5:30 am yesterday morning. More often than not, Bo, our sheltie, is waiting to greet me because he knows we get to go after the newspaper. That’s exciting. Bo is a morning dog as well. I brew up some coffee, read the newspaper – headlines mostly – and then I sit down in an overstuffed chair with my laptop to check my Google alerts and email before I start writing on whatever strikes me as interesting.

Commencing this Lifestyle                                  

Many writers; like my friend Jill Kring Carter who writes professionally for DentalTown and other publications, do their best work late at night. My mom, who painted professionally, liked the hours between 10 pm and 2 or 3 am for her art when she didn’t have to teach school the next day.

My sons, Ryan and Kellus, like the late hours as well. Sometimes on the weekends, I’m getting up when they are going to bed after having played online video games with friends across the nation all night. That means that while they are sleeping, and before Marci gets up and turns on electrical appliances, I sit nice and cozy, hammering away – constructing sentences out of words and then rearranging it to say with surgical precision what I intend to say. I enjoy it.

Shutting off the Laptop 

About the time I run out of battery for my laptop is when dogs start whining and barking, the TV comes on and the day springs to life. After I turn off my computer, sometimes Ryan and I go out for breakfast and sometimes Marci fixes eggs and bacon, pancakes or French toast. Otherwise I heat up a bowl of oatmeal to eat, visit some, and then head to the office where it’s quiet all day long.


If you are a doctor, medical management consultant, or any sort of accountant, economist or financial advisor; please tell us how you spend your non-professional time /day. Is this post appropriate for a professional forum like the ME-P. Or, is it TMI and better suited for a social network site? Does anyone even care?


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3 Responses

  1. I’ve giddily called myself an “investigative dental reporter” and others have called me a “whistleblower.” Maybe I also earn this keen label: “The TDA’s mystery shopper.” I’m getting better and better with my Kraft.

    God help me, I do love it so.

    D. Kellus Pruitt; DDS


  2. I seem to have attracted a niche following
    That’s exciting for me.

    For several months, I have been posting my comments almost exclusively on two otherwise dormant Facebook pages in addition to my own: Texas Dentists and The American Way of Dentistry. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the numbers of fans has been increasing faster on both. Since I’m the only person generating content, I have to assume at least a few people find my opinions interesting. From August 1 until today, Texas Dentist Facebook (1463 fans) has gained 62 fans (.72 fans/day) and The American Way of Dentistry (1082) has gained 24 fans (.27 /day). Together, that’s a whole fan a day! (net).

    It doesn’t take much to keep me going. I’m easy.

    There’s more: I was recently invited to be a guest on an Internet “radio talk show.” I was told by the official that contrary to others in the dental industry, they actually look forward to discussing one or more of the controversial issues that have been the meat of my opinion pieces for years.

    I’ll let you know more about this as it develops. I’m ready, and even though I’ve never before done anything like a live radio show, at this point, I hardly need time to prepare for it. I know my stuff even without hyperlinks.

    A note of warning for those who have only read me: I have a natural West Texas drawl that isn’t revealed in my writings no matter how slowly I type.

    Darrell K. Pruitt DDS


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