A New Remote Patient Monitoring Device

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The Next Step in RPM Solutions  

[By Staff Reporters]Tele Doctor

Long-term medical conditions create many challenges—for patients who have them, as well as for their attending physicians. This gadget reports to address those challenges

What it Is

The Intel® Health Guide is a comprehensive, next-generation remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution that combines an in-home patient device [the Intel Health Guide PHS6000] with the Intel® Health Care Management Suite; an online interface that allows clinicians to monitor patients and remotely manage care.

Reported Benefits

The benefits of the Intel Health Guide include patients who feel empowered to take a more active and positive role in their own care. For doctors, it enables more informed and personalized care—which may lead to better patient satisfaction. And it helps healthcare organizations to face the challenges of chronic care, increase efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.


In short, Intel® technology hopes to fulfill the promise of RPM, where interactive, data-rich telehealth helps to create timely, personalized and cost-effective care.


The Intel® Health Guide requires an internet connection to enable communications with the patient’s care team and back-end data hosting. The Intel Health Guide is intended for use by patients under the guidance of a healthcare professional and is not intended for emergency medical communications or real-time patient monitoring.


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One Response

  1. Cisco spinoff Avizia raises $11M to expand telehealth offerings

    Reston, Virginia-based Avizia has raised $11 million in Series A funding, bringing the telemedicine company’s total funding to $19.5 million. The funding round, led by Blue Heron Capital, also included Lavrock Ventures, NextGen Venture Partners, Middleland Capital, Waterline Capital and Blu Ventures.

    “Telemedicine adoption is rapidly accelerating as health systems compete to offer more specialized care and reap the benefits of lower costs, improved access, and greater patient satisfaction.” Blue Heron Capital Partner Tom Benedetti said in a statement.

    Founded in 2013, Avizia spun out of Cisco and takes an approach similar to that used by Carena and Honeywell, which offer managed telemedicine offerings for providers. By combining all the elements of a telemedicine offering into one package, Avizia offers an end-to-end platform that links mobile software, as well as traditional carts and peripherals, into a healthcare provider’s EHR and back-end systems.

    “When we looked to invest in the market, it was clear that Avizia was the right fit for us,” Benedetti said in a statement. “Their differentiated software platform offers health systems greater flexibility, more use cases and superior integration.”

    This funding round will enable Avizia to further expand its telehealth video collaboration offerings for hospitals and physicians. Currently, the company has deployed its offerings across 36 countries.

    “Improving patient care is at the heart of everything we do,” Avizia CEO and co-founder Mike Baird said in a statement. “To deliver on that promise, we’re focused on building an end-to-end telehealth platform that enables any provider to see any patient in any place.”

    Heather Mack


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