The Medical Practice Advertising Plan

New Advertising Methodologies Needed Today


By Dr. David Marcinko MBA and Staff Writers 

A well-defined advertising plan – not needed only a decade ago – is an essential part of medical practice business success today. Your medical practice advertising should be visually stimulating and include several more rational considerations, as listed below. 

Plan Components 

  • Goals:  The objectives of any advertising plan should be reasonable and quantifiable.  For example, a new advertising scheme will not likely generate 300 new patients a month, but it may provide marginal additions of 5-10.
  • Communication Channels:  Typical channels of advertising include: print: (coupons, office brochures, newsletter, bill stuffers, billboards, signs), audio (radio) and telecommunications (message “hold” buttons, beepers and pagers). Sometimes, even the media becomes the message, as is the case of the world-wide-web.  Certainly, the use of telemedicine in the next decade will increase as the promise and security of quality healthcare, at any time and in any place, becomes a reality.
  • Message Credibility:  The advertising message must be delivered in such a way as to build, change or reinforce patient and payer attitudes.  Advertising has shown that the more honest, fair and unbiased the audience perceives the source to be, the more credible the message; and the more likely the attitudes will shift toward the source’s position.
  • Reinforcement:   An advertisement must be repeated for several reasons: to emphasize the message, keep the audience from forgetting the message and save the costs of producing more messages.

New Trend Assessment 

Marketing and advertising plans and tasks are increasingly being out-sourced by both new and existing medical offices. Such firms offer a wide range of state-of-the-art marketing services to help build a practice.  These activities include, but are not limited to: subscription newsletters; strategic, direct and in-house marketing workshops; brochure, print and website development; direct mail, podcasting or broadcasting announcements; and a large and established advertising agency exclusively services healthcare professionals, interactively and online; etc.  


Medical providers that currently are served by outsourcing advertising and marketing firms include: physicians, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, veterinarians, psychotherapists, and hearing care and eye care professionals. 

There is even a new educational service for accounting professionals who work with physicians; and an online educational program for financial advisors, management consultants and related economics professionals who work in the healthcare industry. www,


And so, do you have a marketing plan, and more importantly, how well do you execute it?


As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

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