AMAZON: Launches “RxPass” Generic Drug Subscription Program


By Staff Reporters



Yesterday, Amazon announced the launch of RxPass: an add-on to Prime memberships that provides subscribers with access to 50 generic prescription drugs for a $5 monthly fee.

RxPass will launch immediately in most states (though not California and Texas, the most populous ones) and include generic drugs that treat common conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, acid reflux, and hair loss. About 150 million US residents have a prescription for one of the drugs included in RxPass, according to Amazon.

But the service is not available to people on Medicare or Medicaid, and it doesn’t offer insulin.

RxPass is Amazon’s answer to the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (which offers significantly more medications—1,100 of them) and is likely part of an effort to attract more users to Amazon Pharmacy. Amazon Pharmacy could use the boost—it launched in 2020 but ranked at the bottom of a list of which Prime perks drew members to the service, a Morgan Stanley survey found last summer.



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