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iMBA Inc … A Pervasive Industry-Wide Presence
[By Staff Writers]

Regardless of venue, our contributors have been cited in the evolving ecosystem of health economics and finance, with media mentions from these sources and many others:

JOURNALS: Managed Care Executives, Healthcare Informatics, Medical Interface, Plastic Surgery Products, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Orthodontics Today, Chiropractic Products, Journal of the American Medical Association,  Podiatry Management, Podiatry Today, Rheumatology and Arthritis, Physicians Practice, Investment Advisor Magazine, Registered Representative, Financial Advisor Magazine, CFP© Biz (Journal of Financial Planning), The Business Journal for Physicians, The Elder Law Portfolio Series, and Physician’s Money Digest and OB/GYN-PMD, etc.

ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS: UCLA School of Medicine, Northern University College of Business, Creighton University, Medical College of Wisconsin, Physician Executive MBA Program of the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Washington University School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Emory University School of Medicine, and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University, University of Cincinnati, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine,  University of Pennsylvania Medical-Dental Libraries, Joseph’s College of Maine, and the University of Medicine Dentistry of New Jersey, etc.

ORGANIZATIONS: Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), American College of Physician Executives (ACPE),, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), ACS Healthcare Solutions (NYSE-ACS), Health Care Management Associates (HMA), MomMD,, Medical World Communications (MWC); Superior Consultant Company (NASD-SUPC) and Microsoft  Corporation (NASD-MSFT), etc.

TESTIMONIALS: Congratulations on the new print guide [HO:FMS]. Now, I am looking forward to this blog participation opportunity “between and about” the issues, too. Best of Luck!

Thomas A. Muldowney; MSFS, CFP®
Certified Medical Planner™ [CMP]; Rockville
, Ill.

SYNDICATIONS: Wall Street;; and


“The book [Insurance and Risk Planning for Physicians and Advisors] is an excellent primer for physicians of all levels and interests providing important personal and professional advice. It is “must reading” for all medical students who need a fundamental understanding of the current healthcare environment and is e-qually important to the established physician executive looking for a reference on topics like capitation or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).”

David C. Stockwell; MD and Anthony D. Slonim; MD, MPH
American College of Physician Executives

“All physicians, and their advisors, are well served by reading this book with its step-by-step process for financial success in a complicated business full of pitfalls and misinformation. Simply put, my recommendation is to read Financial Planning for Physicians and Advisors and ‘reap’.”

Frank A. Cappiello
President, McCullough, Andrews & Cappiello, Inc.
Distinguished Visiting Professor of
Loyola University Maryland –
Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser

“This book, Financial Planning for Physicians and Advisors, would make an excellent reference for teaching medical students and residents the basics of monetary management. I highly recommend this book and commend Dr. Marcinko and the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. on a job well done.

Manuel J. Colón; MD – American College of Physician Executives

“The book [Advanced Business of Medical Practice] has ambitious scope: business plan, practice valuation, ROI, coding, billing, econometrics, cash flow analysis, compliance, technology, and various legal aspects. But Dr. Marcinko and an exceptional array of contributing experts do a remarkable job of exploring each topic with sufficient detail and meaningful examples. In summary, a doctor building a profitable medical practice must read this book and return to it often for reference.”

Dr. Yuval Lirov, New Jersey 

“I could have used a book like this in the past [Advanced Business of Medical Practice, I will certainly refer to it frequently now.”

Carol EH Scott-Conner; MD, PhD, MBA 

“Health economist Dr. David Edward Marcinko, MBA, and his colleagues at the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc., should be complimented for conceiving and completing this laudable project. The Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care lifts the fog of confusion surrounding the most contentious topic in the health care industrial complex today.”

Michael J. Stahl, PhD
Director, Physician Executive MBA Program
William B. Stokely Distinguished Professor of Business
College of Business Administration
University of Tennessee

I would highly recommend the Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care to everyone who has chosen a career in any health care discipline.”

Christy S. Lodwick, MHA – PhD Candidate
Health Care Administration & Policy
President/Business Development
IMPACT Health Care Solutions
Columbus, Ohio

“My suggestion is to use the Dictionary of Health Information Technology and Security frequently. You will refer to it daily.”

Richard J. Mata; MD, MS, MS-CIS
Certified Medical Planner™ (Hon)
Chief Medical Information Officer [CMIO]
Assistant Professor Texas State University

“Dr. David Edward Marcinko, Academic Provost for the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc, and a Certified Medical Planner™ should be complimented for conceiving and completing this ambitious project. The Dictionary of Healthcare Economics and Finance spells out the terms of reference and the principle players in the contemporaneous healthcare industrial complex. Having such a compendium readily at hand and sharing it with others, is a way for patients, accountants, financial planners and insurance agents, medical practitioners, nurse managers and healthcare executives to improve economic efficiency and clinical quality. Of course, it may even help restore fiscal enterprise-wide sanity, as well. Simply put, my suggestion is to refer to the Dictionary of Healthcare Economics and Finance frequently, and “reap”.

Thomas E. Getzen, Ph.D.
Executive Director, International Health Economics Association
Professor of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management
The Fox School of Business – Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“The Editor-in-Chief [Dr. David E. Marcinko] and his colleagues at the Institute of Medical Advisors, Inc should be complimented for conceiving and completing this vitally important project. There is no question that Healthcare Organizations: Financial Management Strategies will indeed enable us to leverage our cognitive assets and prepare a future generation of leaders capable of tackling the many challenges present in our healthcare economy.”

 David B. Nash; MD, MBA, FACP
Thomas Jefferson Medical College and University

“Medical management is a complex business, with advances in science, technology and consumer awareness often eclipsed by regulation, rights, and financial restrictions. Navigating a course where sound practice management is intertwined with sound financial strategies requires a blueprint designed by subject matter experts. Healthcare Organizations: [Financial Management Strategies] will be that blueprint.”

Richard D. Helppie
Founder Superior Consultant Company [NASD-SUPC]

“I’ve been a longtime admirer of what David Edward Marcinko does with his writing and knowledge of medicine and medical practice. His books provide guidance for physicians, helping them to survive organizationally, administratively, and financially so that they can continue to serve their patients.”

Ahmad Hashem; MD PhD
Former Global Healthcare Manager
Microsoft Corporation,
Redmond, WA 

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Interview, lecture, consulting and keynote speaking requests for Executive Post Founder and former RIA, stock-broker, insurance agent and PPMC executive, and Certified Financial Planner™ Dr. David E. Marcinko; FACFAS, MBA, CPHQ, CMP™ should go to the same address.

Thank you.

Medical Executive-Post Editors, Writers and Administrative Staff

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Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™8Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™

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