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  1. The cost of digital (If you have paper records, none of this applies to you).

    “Health Care Remains a Prime Target for Ransomware Attacks – Ransomware strikes without warning. Attackers don’t need a target – just toss it into a business environment, and the malware detonates on impact. Everything comes to a screeching halt until a ransom is paid. The destruction is permanent, irreversible and offers victims no opportunity to mount a defense. It’s simply game over – save the decision of whether or not to pay the ransom.”
    By Satya Gupta for Security Boulevard, February 2, 2021

    Gupta: There are two kinds of organizations: those who’ve already been hit by ransomware, and those who will be. One user; one wrong click is all it takes to bring a whole network down. All healthcare organizations should follow security best practices, which are multi-tiered and multi-solution oriented, including:

    -Maintain current software releases and updates where possible
    -Continue implementing traditional solutions, such as antivirus
    -Educate employees about phishing
    -Enable two-factor authentication on network devices and systems
    -Follow password management policies that enforce regular updates and strong password requirements
    -Ensure your third-party vendors follow your security standards
    -Implement a reliable backup and recovery system, protected from network access.

    Darrell Pruitt DDS


  2. Patients’ medical identities can be found on the dark web, while filing cabinets remain the gold standard of security.

    “Patient names from US hospitals posted on the dark web – Whatever data we put out or feed onto the internet is not protected from the realms of the dark web. This fate is now being experienced by medical patients across the US. Patients of two US clinic chains had their names, birthday events, and colonoscopy results posted on the dark web after a hack announced NBC News. The huge numbers of documents delivered were from patients at Leon Medical Centers in Miami and Nocona General Hospital in Texas.”

    By Smriti Sharma for February 6, 2021.


    Darrell Pruitt DDS


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