How Corona Impacts the Global Digital Health Industry?

Impact Assessment Survey

Dear David, and ME-P Readers

We are pleased to share with you the release of Research2Guidance’s “Impact Assessment Survey: How Corona Impacts the Global Digital Health Industry” whitepaper.

513 digital health experts representing a broad range of healthcare companies shared their views in our global study. Discover their opinions and 10 key takeaways.

Below are just some of the insights from the study and the first special story.

  • Mixed impact assessment: 34% see positive impact of the pandemic on their business, 31% a negative. Interestingly Asian companies tend to have a more negative view on the future of their business (36%)
  • Digital health companies assess the impact on their business more positively than the rest, 44%expect that the pandemic will have a positive impact on their business. Contrary, healthcare providers are very pessimistic about the future, 67% have a negative outlook on their business.
  • Above all, the crisis will bring about a significant improvement in patient acceptance of digital solutions (53%) 
  • Telehealth solutions will benefit the most (65%) followed by remote monitoring (42%) and self-testing solutions (31%). Interestingly, tracking and tracing solutions are seen more as a short term opportunity. Only 11% of companies rate their potential as high.
  • 4-6 months is the expected durationof the crisis according to the global digital health community (43%)
  • The impact will be long lasting (67%), which means that changes done during the crisis will be kept and not turned back.
  • and much more…

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you for your time.

Stay safe and healthy.

Ralf Jahns, MD

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