The Health Care “DISRUPTORS”




On January 30, 2020, 1Life Healthcare, Inc. (One Medical) went public, opening at $14 per share, and closing at $22.07 per share. The innovative San Francisco-based direct primary care organization more closely resembles a technology start-up than a traditional healthcare organization.

The membership model service provides “seamless access” to primary care services at “calming offices,” 24/7 virtual care, and 21st century technology (e.g., a mobile application that allows patients to schedule appointments and message their provider).




A new report from our colleagues over at Health Capital Consultants, LLC:


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  1. As patient volumes plummet amid the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of independent medical practices report they have had to furlough or lay off staff, according to a new survey from the Medical Group Management Association. The survey, which garnered 724 responses from medical practices between April 7 and 8, found practices have seen an average 60% drop in patient volume on average and a 55% decrease in revenue since the beginning of the public health crisis.

    With those drops, 48% of practices said they’d been forced to temporarily furlough staff and 22% permanently laid off staff. Beyond that, many who have not yet had to lay off or furlough staff said they would consider those cuts if conditions persist over the next 30 days.

    Source: Tina Reed, Fierce Healthcare [4/14/20]


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