What it is – How it works?


“Shelter-in-Place” means to seek safety within the building one already occupies, rather than to evacuate the area or seek a community emergency shelter.


The American Red Cross says the warning is issued when “chemical, biological, or radiological contaminants may be released accidentally or intentionally into the environment” and residents should “select a small, interior room, with no or few windows, taking refuge there.”


And now, the term is being applied to the Corona Virus?


Yet, it is a politically contentious issue.





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  1. 80% of Americans Say Strict Shelter-in-Place Measures Are Worth It

    Kaiser Family Foundation recently released findings from a health tracking poll on social distancing attitudes. Here are some key findings from the report:

    • 80% say strict shelter-in-place measures are worth it in order to protect people.
    • Half of Americans say “the worst is yet to come” when it comes to the coronavirus.
    • 84% say their lives have been disrupted at least some by the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.
    • 19% say the strict shelter-in-place measures are causing more harm than good.

    Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, April 23, 2020


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