Tips to Cruise Safely into the Holidays & New Year – 2018

Follow these 5 Tips to be sure you cruise safely into the new year!

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

I am not an auto mechanic but I did cover the local hospital ER for more than a decade.

So, here are some holiday driving tips and pearls for Christmas, Holiday motoring safety and the New Year 2018.

1. Get a Pre-holiday Vehicle Check-up

A general pre-holiday vehicle check-up at your dealership can reduce your risk of having problems on the road. You’ll want to pay close attention to your vehicle’s tire pressure. Temperature fluctuations can affect pressure and a little destabilization can create unsafe driving conditions. Be sure to check yours and when you need to add air to those tires.

2. Raise ‘Em High – to Not Drinking and Driving

Sounds obvious but it bears repeating. Whether it’s at the company Christmas party, New Year’s Eve or just catching up with friends for a festive drink, drinking and driving is just not worth it. Designate a driver or enjoy a mock-tail instead.

3. Slow the Reindeers Down and Pay Attention

Not only are drivers distracted today by all their electronic devices, pedestrians are too. Be aware and pay attention to everyone. Speed is another one of the leading causes of car accidents (plus sudden acceleration is a major gas guzzler). Yes, rushing around can make you feel like you can make up some time on the road. But we promise you that your friends and family would rather have you arrive safely even if you are 10 minutes late.

4. Buckle Up

Another pretty obvious tip…but, you don’t want to wrinkle your new party dress! That dress is not going to impress the Emergency Room Doctor! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015, seat belts saved an estimated 13,941 lives among passenger vehicle occupants age 5 and older. An estimated 266 lives of children under age 5 were saved by their use of restraints and an estimated 2,573 lives were saved by frontal air bags. You definitely want to be part of that statistic in the event of an accident.

5. Rest Up Before Your Trip

Be sure to stay alert and be well rested before heading out. Late night holiday gatherings or long trips to visit family can lead to drowsiness. Sharing the driving responsibilities can help. You can stretch and walk around to help wake your body up. Be sure to take additional breaks as needed. If you are feeling tired and fatigued, pull over to get coffee, water and a snack.


Remember GOMER = Get Out of My Emergency Room


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