Q&A with Futurist Martine Rothblatt

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[By MIT Technology Review]

Whether machines and artificial intelligence will ever become conscious is an eternally debated topic, but Martine Rothblatt thinks it shouldn’t be.

We talked with Rothblatt about why she thinks denying that machines will become conscious is similar to denying evolution, and why society must prepare to grant rights to the virtual beings of the future.




Q&A with Futurist Martine Rothblatt


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  1. Interview
    Both exciting and frightening.


  2. Keeping a Watchful Eye on AI

    Tech giants are coming together to police AI for the public good.

    The newly formed Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society seeks to foster public dialogue and create guidelines for developing AI that behaves itself. Amongst the members are Google, DeepMind, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

    So far, the group has developed eight fundamental tenets, including the idea that AI should benefit as many people as possible; that the public should be involved in its development; and that AI systems should be able to explain their reasoning. With AI advancing at a rapid rate, there are legitimate concerns about its potential unwanted effects, as well as more outlandish warnings about its existential threat to humanity.

    Either way, the partnership’s founding companies are clearly concerned that AI fears could generate public backlash or strict government control, both of which would slow their progress. They’ll be hoping that the initiative helps them avoid such a fate.

    MIT Technology Review


  3. What are the top 5 funded healthcare AI companies?

    The Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Companies in Healthcare by Funding from Investors

    1. iCarbonX – $200 million
    2. Welltok – $191 million
    3. Butterfly Network – $100 million
    4. Apixio – $45 million
    5. Pathway Genomics – $40 million in funding

    Source: Nanalyze


  4. 6 Health IT Startups of 2017

    1. Aledade
    2. Arcadia Healthcare Solutions
    3. PeraHealth
    4. Welltok
    5. Omicia
    6. Spiral Genetics

    Source: Healthcare IT News


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