Wearable Technology as Medical Devices Revolutionize Healthcare

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By Salisu Bala Bello



White Paper: Wearable Technology as Medical Devices Revolutionize healthcare


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One Response

  1. Key trends impacting the business of healthcare in 2017?

    Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy year! The business of healthcare will be disrupted.

    In some instances, by new technologies and clinical advances, in other places, by a stream of unknowns driven by a renewed health care reform debate and changing of the guard at HHS. Keep certain trends and market segments front and center on your healthcare radar: precision medicine, behavioral health, artificial intelligence, palliative care, interoperability, telehealth, and of course, follow the money of healthcare innovation investing. And if that’s not enough, be sure to consider these five areas of focus as you maneuver through 2017:

    1. Personalization Data along with the intelligence are what’s going to unite our fragmented health system. By translating real-time information into actionable insights, marketing can create predictable, meaningful customer interactions. The result is a purpose-driven approach to data personalization able to drill into micro-segments to inform go-to-market strategies and retain your best customers.

    2. Storytelling The art of brand and digital storytelling is to tell it, not sell it: use multiple formats, insert those formats into multiple vehicles, and drive those vehicles into multiple destinations. The ability to structure a differentiated value proposition and then broadcast it in a consistent narrative amplifies awareness, advances reputation, and influences key audiences. Everybody has a story to tell; make yours better than the competition.

    3. Relevance A robust content management strategy is the only way to survive the new digital-mobile-social communication landscape where brand, product, and service responsiveness needs to happen across the customer lifecycle…right message, right channel. Create and distribute relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage customers. Engaged healthcare consumers will demand and ultimately receive, better care and better outcomes.

    4. Trustability Driven by the current wave of populism, institutional trust is at an all-time low. No sector is suffering more than healthcare – from big pharma to insurers to providers of care. Trust is the outcome when companies make their customers feel they are valued and respected. Trustability is fundamental to the future success of American healthcare. Build relationships of healthcare trust!

    5. Experience
    Consumers are defining path to purchase as well as path to loyalty, so organize around what matters to your customer. Breakdown the silos that frustrate them to deliver an integrated, consistently satisfying health care journey. If we ask healthcare consumers to take more personal responsibility for financial & clinical decisions, they need our collective help making smart, value-based individual choices.

    In 2017, as much as we all wish the politicization of America’s health care could be put aside in the interest of the consumer, it’s not likely to happen. The burden lays squarely on the shoulders of health care industry to move healthcare from a collection of disparate fiefdoms focused on sickness and illness to a connected ecosystem built on prevention and wellness. And for the customer, replace healthcare confusion with healthcare confidence.

    Here’s to a happy…and healthy 2017.

    Lindsay Resnick
    [Executive Vice President, ReviveHealth]
    via Ann Miller RN MHA


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