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DocGraph is a community composed of data journalists, scientists, and advocates; with three core iniatives:

I. Community Collaboration 

The DocGraph community includes academics, journalists, doctors, entrepreneurs, statisticians and more. Our members have used DocGraph datasets to restructure provider networks, teach classes, start companies, and report on quality metrics. We welcome anyone with passion for healthcare improvement to join us.

If you write about healthcare data and would like to be featured on our blog, or if you are a data scientist interested in publishing research using DocGraph data, please give us a holler too!

II. Open Healthcare Data Advocacy 

Our efforts led to the first national Provider Referral data release by the US government. The original “DocGraph Data” has helped researchers, journalists, and companies around the nation to provide data-backed healthcare solutions.

We continue to work with federal, state, private, non-profit, and public entities to create and open healthcare datasets. We believe the release of reliable and current data is vital to the improvement of the healthcare system.

III. The DocGraph Alliance 

The DocGraph Alliance is a group of organizations committed to supporting data journalism and data science community efforts.

Its community mission is to encourage an ecosystem of innovators to collaborate and share tools and research methodologies around open healthcare datasets.Support from the Alliance members means the DocGraph Journal can continue providing support for the growing community of data scientists focused on leveraging initiatives of transparency in healthcare.





Visit http://www.docgraph.org today. And, for the premier analytical software built on DocGraph data, visit CareSet.com


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2 Responses

  1. Cool site!

    As a medical econometrics devotee, I found this site very interesting. Thanks for the notice.



  2. Graphic Analytics

    The combination of lifestyle and behavioral based data and medical data creates a far more detailed overall picture of an individual’s health risk, and can help establish a targeted intervention and action plan. Stakeholders are potentially missing a large number of our targets by evaluating medical data alone.

    This combination of data illustrates a growing opportunity, and challenge, for the health care industry and how it gets in front of chronic diseases. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that lifestyle-based chronic illnesses account for more than 75 percent of annual U.S. medical care costs. Evidence suggests that preventive measures to improve lifestyle activity and behavior before the onset of serious illness could prevent approximately 33 percent of all U.S. deaths each year. That comes to about 800,000 lives lost annually because of unhealthy or poor lifestyle choices.

    With so much at stake, interest from healthcare organizations in leveraging analytics as a powerful predictive and treatment tool is growing. Using non-traditional, non-medical data to help map courses of treatment for vulnerable populations before they become ill is an idea whose time is coming, if slowly, to the health care industry.

    Chris Stehno
    [Deloitte Consulting]


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