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The next time your doctor recommends a blood test, you may be able to swing by your local Walgreens. You can have your finger pricked and receive results within four hours. The process of blood testing has remained the same since the 1960s. Doctors and nurses drawing vials of blood, from you, that are sent to labs leaving patients waiting for results for days or weeks.




Enter Theranos

Theranos is a privately held health technology and medical laboratory services company based in Palo Alto, California that provides blood tests. The company’s blood testing platform uses a few drops of blood obtained via a fingerstick rather than vials of blood obtained via traditional venipuncture, using microfluidics technology.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theranos

Founder Elizabeth Holmes

At 30, Elizabeth Holmes makes her debut on the Forbes 400 as the youngest self-made woman billionaire. She dropped out her sophomore year of Stanford University to found Palo Alto, Calif.-based blood testing company Theranos in 2003 with money she saved for college. With a painless prick, her labs can quickly test a drop of blood at a fraction of the price of commercial labs which need more than one vial. Theranos has raised $400 million from venture capitalists, valuing the company at $9 billion, and Holmes’ 50% stake at $4.5 billion. She has assembled a stellar board that includes elder statesmen George Shultz and Henry Kissinger. Last year, Walgreens, the largest U.S. retail pharmacy chain, with more than 8,100 stores, announced plans to roll out Theranos Wellness Centers inside its pharmacies.

Link: http://news.therawfoodworld.com/walgreens-implements-new-technology-uses-just-one-drop-blood-run-dozens-tests/


blood test



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15 Responses

  1. America’s Youngest Female Billionaire

    Elizabeth Holmes – Explains Why She’s Transforming Medicine thru Theranos.




  2. A $10,169 blood test is everything wrong with American health care

    This huge variation in the price of a really simple, incredibly basic blood test tells us a few things about the American health care system.




  3. Blood Panels

    Consumers will soon be able to bypass their doctors by going online to order cholesterol readings, thyroid tests and other bloodwork from the biggest diagnostics company in the U.S.


    Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings will let customers go online to pay for tests, visit a service center to get blood drawn, then view the results on the Web. The company has already been doing back-office lab work for a number of Internet firms that let people order up tests without a doctor.



  4. Startup to Cut Breast Cancer Testing Costs

    A Burlingame, Calif.-based startup called Color Genomics is announcing that it will provided genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer – the same genetic tests that led Angelina Jolie to have her breasts and ovaries surgically removed – at one-sixteenth the cost of the main test that is currently used.




  5. Theranos strikes deal with Capital BlueCross, lands on East Coast

    The testing company that could upend America’s diagnostics market will partner with Capital BlueCross in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to bring the company’s new direct-to-consumer blood testing options to the insurer’s 1.3 million members.




  6. The Backstory – FROM the HopeLab WEBSITE

    In the late 1980s, HopeLab founder Pam Omidyar spent her days as a research assistant in an immunology lab. At night, after hours watching malignant cancer cells multiply under a microscope, she unwound by playing video games with her husband, Pierre Omidyar, the software engineer who went on to found eBay. As a scientist and game enthusiast, Pam began to wonder if giving young cancer patients a chance to blast their cancer in a video game might actually improve their health. In 2001, Pam founded HopeLab to develop and test this concept, which led to our first product, Re-Mission.

    The Big Idea

    Today we’re working to harness the power and appeal of technology to improve human health and well-being. Re-Mission demonstrated that specially designed technology can be both fun and effective in driving positive health behavior. Zamzee, another product developed at HopeLab, deepened our understanding of how to motivate and sustain healthy behavior change. Our work now focuses on the research and development of new social technologies to promote human resilience and improve both psychological and biological health and well-being.

    Visit the Join Us page to learn more about HopeLab’s values and culture http://www.hopelab.org/about-us/

    HopeLab is part of The Omidyar Group. For more information about the Omidyars’ personal, professional and philanthropic interests, visit http://www.OmidyarGroup.com

    via Ann Miller RN MHA


  7. The Wall Street Journal Attacks

    Healthcare startup Theranos just deepened its war with the Wall Street Journal, charging that the paper’s recent exposé into its blood testing practices is “simply wrong.”



    Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA


  8. Time Running out for THERANOS?

    When Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sat down for an interview last month, she sought to address reports that sparked serious doubts about her company’s innovative blood- testing technology.


    Hope Hetico RN MHA


  9. A Drop of Blood Gives Cancer Patients Peace of Mind
    [The NEW Theranos?]

    A blood test can tell people if they’ve won their battle with cancer or not. A new study shows that liquid biopsies—which use gene-sequencing to scan a blood sample for DNA, rather than analyzing a chunk of excised tissue—can categorize cancer survivors as very likely cured or at a big risk for a relapse.

    MIT Data from 230 people undergoing surgery for colon cancer showed that 79 percent of patients whose blood still contained tumor DNA after surgery eventually relapsed, while only 9.8 percent of those who tested negative did. Some scientists are predicting that these kinds of tests could become a universal screening method, used to catch cancers early, when they’re most curable.

    So it’s perhaps not surprising that investors aren’t far behind the science: a startup called Grail, which is pursuing a doctor’s office screening test able to spot any cancer, raised $100 million earlier this year.



  10. Updates

    The blood testing startup Theranos has been under heavy scrutiny for months, but now regulators have banned its CEO from owning or operating a medical laboratory for at least two years.


    Meanwhile Juno Therapeutics, which has been developing a treatment for leukemia using genetically engineered white blood cells, has had to cut its latest trial short because two patients have died from neurotoxicity-related complications.

    Dr. David Marcinko MBA


  11. Bad Blood

    The beleaguered blood-testing company Theranos has announced that it will close its testing labs and cut 340 staff. In an open letter, the company’s CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, explained that Thernaos has spent months “assessing [its] strengths and addressing … weaknesses.”

    Its weaknesses, if you didn’t know already, are all the clinical labs and Wellness Centers that it operates, which are now to close. Instead, Theranos will turn its attention to a so-called MiniLab—a small, Internet-connected device capable of performing an array of blood tests, which was announced over the summer. That may be the only way Holmes can think of to continue running the company, given she was banned from operating clinical labs by U.S. regulators earlier this year.

    The pivot may be Holmes’ last resort, but it certainly doesn’t promise success. At this stage, the reputation of Theranos is in tatters: once valued at $9 billion, its catastrophic series of errors has seen Forbes value the company at zero.

    MIT Review


  12. FRAUD

    Theranos CEO and former president charged with massive fraud.


    Dr. David Marcinko MBA


  13. Theranos

    More bad news and a book review.


    Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA

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