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What is a Chiropractor?

[By Cheryl S.]

A chiropractor is a doctor who specializes in treating the spine this includes the neck, back and lumbar region and the connecting muscles. The theory is that poorly aligned joints in the spine cause muscular-skeletal problems that can impact on other areas of health. Through regular manipulation a chiropractor can improve bone alignment and posture and this in turn improves health and wellbeing.

With stimulating, fulfilling work and high demand for their services, chiropractors are a well-regarded part of the care community. Many people consider the practice as being closer to a complementary healthcare service than conventional medicine, but it certainly does provide comfort and healing for many people. They do this by means of a practice called spinal adjustment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a growth in demand for medical professionals across all medical fields over the next six years; this is certainly a good time for anybody who is considering studying in this sector.

Brief history

Daniel David Palmer developed Chiropracty in 1895. He believed that “95 percent of diseases are caused by displaced vertebrae; the remainder by luxations of other joints”. The first school of chiropracry was set up in the Palmer Infirmary in Davenport, Iowa. Today, the Palmer College of Chiropractic is one of the leading establishments in this field.

Chiropracty developed a bad reputation during the 1970s, mostly because of poor regulation; many people claimed to be able to cure many illnesses and diseases. However, these people have since been discredited. What remains is a professional industry that provides invaluable treatments to people suffering from chronic pain and discomfort.

Requirements to work as a Chiropractor

An individual must have completed at least four years of study to work as a chiropractor. The agency that regulates courses in chiropractic is The Council on Chiropractic Education; this agency has been certified by the Department of Education.

The Department of Education has approved 15 chiropractic programs at just 18 locations. Any chiropracty course that has not been officially approved will not provide a valid qualification so students must take care to ensure that they only enroll on approved courses.

Chiropracty has some special educational requirements. An individual must train for at least four years towards becoming a doctor before they can start treating patients. Chiropractic training is done in four parts.

Part 1 is the initial two years of basic sciences that all student doctors must complete. This covers all areas of medicine and healthcare and is really a foundation year before students start to specialize and focus on their chosen career subjects.

Part 2 covers clinical subjects such as general diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, and principles of chiropracty and chiropractic practice.

Part 3 includes case history, physical examination and diagnostics. It also starts to teach chiropractic techniques, supportive techniques and case management. This part is sometimes completed during a clinical internship; it is at this time that a chiropractry student can first start working with patients, although this should always be under supervision from an experienced doctor.

Part 4 covers more advanced diagnosis and techniques and is done during a clinical phase. It is during this phase of training that students receive most of their work experience before they eventually go on to become a chiropractic doctor.

No drugs

Many people are drawn to chiropracty because the treatment avoids the use of drugs; instead the emphasis is on repairing the body through external manipulation. It actually has some similarities with Eastern medicine in this respect. Also, the even increasing cost of drugs and medical diagnosis, especially for chronic pain and other incurable conditions, means that chiropracty is a very valid option for many people today.

Similar roles

There are several roles that are similar to chiropracty, one of which is physiotherapy. In fact, because of new research and understanding, chiropractic is being used more in sports therapy and replacing some physiotherapy procedures. Physiotherapy is mostly focused on manipulation of muscles to aid and speed healing following injuries and surgery. Chiropracty often goes direct to the source of the problem and manipulates the bones that in turn manipulate muscles and tendons.

Successful Chiropractors

Many people have managed to build successful chiropractic services after obtaining their qualifications. New centers, such as Detroit Chiropractic  are springing up all the time and these are bringing the latest new techniques and providing patients with an excellent service

Chiropracty is developing into a well-respected profession and every year thousands of people benefit from the treatment. With an ever aging population that is often sedentary and overweight, spinal problems will only worsen and the role of the chiropractor becomes more important.



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2 Responses

  1. For Bad Backs, It’s Time to Rethink Biases About Chiropractors

    Spinal manipulation and other therapies seem at least as effective and safe as more traditional treatment.



  2. Texas Bill Allows Chiropractors to Own Integrated Medical Practices

    State lawmakers passed a bill in late May allowing
    licensed chiropractors to own and operate medical
    offices with medical doctors. Under the
    legislation, Texas chiropractors are permitted to
    join doctors of medicine, osteopathy and podiatry
    in forming and operating joint healthcare

    Texas law had prohibited chiropractors from owning
    and operating multidisciplinary practices in the
    same manner as other doctors. The bill removes
    those barriers to chiropractors’ ability to form
    integrated medical practices.

    The legislation limits the scope of individual
    practitioners’ authority by prohibiting one
    provider’s ability to exercise control over
    another clinician from another medical field,
    according to the Texas Research Center, an agency
    of the Texas Legislature.

    The bill takes effect Sept. 1, 2017.
    The bill sponsors were: State Rep. Tony Dale, R-
    District 136; State Rep. Eddie Lucio III, D-
    District 38; State Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-District
    9; and State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-District 27.

    In another victory for chiropractic, Texas Gov.
    Greg Abbott signed a bill in late May upholding
    chiropractors’ authority to diagnose patients,
    according to the Texas Chiropractic Association.
    The Texas Medical Association sued to revoke
    chiropractors’ rights to diagnose patients.
    Critics of the suit, including the TCA, said the
    measure would overly and unfairly restrict
    chiropractic. That law also allows the Texas Board
    of Chiropractic Examiners to continue to function.
    Medically integrating practices are becoming
    increasingly popular as chiropractors and other
    health professionals seek more targeted and
    comprehensive treatment approaches.

    Patients find multidisciplinary practices more
    attractive for the opportunity of receiving more
    rounded and specific medical services that may
    lead to more robust recoveries.

    Advanced Medical Integration helps chiropractors
    interested in medically integrating their
    practices with sound direction, cohesive guidance
    and consultation by experts. Consultants take
    chiropractors step by step through the integration
    process. Contact Advanced Medical Integration at
    888-777-0815 for more information.

    via Donald R Blum, DPM, JD
    via PM Magazine 7/28/2017
    Dallas, TX


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