About Remember It Now Patient-Centric Health Services

What it is – How it works – Where is it from?

By David Edward Marcinko; MBA CMP™


RememberItNow was a featured company at the recent 10th annual HIMSS conference. It reports to be the best way for patients to take control of their health, or the health care of loved-ones. Their simple to use, patient-centric eHealth services are available online, anytime. There is no software to download, or upgrades to manage. The firm helps patients remember to take their medications, create a care community, get organized, provide long-distance care, and more. It is designed to be simple to use and make life easier http://www.rememberitnow.com


The folks at RememberItNow believe patients should spend more time doing the things they enjoy, and less time worrying about taking medications, remembering appointments, tracking prescriptions, reordering supplies and scheduling medical care, etc. RememberItNow is privately funded.

Video: http://prezi.com/irjw0cqiv1cu/introducing-rememberitnow/

My story – Back in the Day

Almost ten years ago, I was invited to attend a venture capitalist technology forum at Georgia Tech University, here in Atlanta. One of the very smallest firms [non-health care] I reviewed was called RememberIt.com. It was billed as a personalized email and online reminder service. I discussed the concept with a very young red-haired man-child named Jeffrey Tacca, president and chief executive officer. He had no employees at the time. Although Jeff was impressive, I was not a fan of his concept.

Nevertheless, if I recall correctly, he received first round funding in the amount of $1.5 million dollars and was accepted into the Georgia Tech start-up business incubator. I tried to keep track of his company throughout the years, to little avail. But, later I learned that RememberIt.com merged with Boardroom, Inc [a large paid subscription firm that publishes newsletters targeting personal, business, health and finance issues], enabling them to enhance users’ experience by providing personalized tips and information from its silo of newsletters. For example, if a RememberIt.com user requested weekly reminders to lose weight, they also received links to related articles on topics such as healthy living or finding the right fitness routine, etc. Users also were able to log-on to track events, special occasions and other commitments. This is no longer a unique concept today, but was state-of-the-art back then.


According to my investigations, RememberitNow.com is unrelated to the RemembIt.com of above. The firm is based in Orinda, CA and is headed up by Pamela Swingley [Founder] and Phil Wang [Engineer]. So, if I am mistaken – please tell me. We’d love to share this success story on the ME-P and I’d like to know what ever happened to Jeff Tacca?


And so, your thoughts and comments on this ME-P are appreciated. Give em’ a click and tell us what you think? Is this a very sophisticated solution, to a very minor problem?  Do we simply need to exchange bad habits, for good habits, regarding self health responsibility?

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