On the Gates Incident

A Teaching Moment – I Think Not!

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™

[Publisher in Chief]Obama-Hope

ME-P readers are no doubt aware of the Professor Gates incident in Cambridge Massachusetts? So, please indulge me in presenting one doctors’ opinion on the matter; short and sweet. 

The Participants

Professor Henry L. Gates Jr., is an elderly Harvard educated expert on African American studies.

Sergeant James Crowley attempted to resuscitate Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis in 1993, and is a police department race relations intermediary.

President Obama is a Harvard Law School Professor who knowingly opined without the facts.

Who’s Right?

Now – if these august participants “got it wrong” – how can “they” expect ordinary citizens to “get it right”?

A Teachable Moment?

The only teachable moment here – is that there was no teachable moment. Or, perhaps the real teachable moment demonstrates that we citizens are getting it “right” – faster than the experts.

ME-P Synergy

So, what’s the synergy with the ME-P? Just this; perhaps a psychiatrist or psychologist should attend the next “beer summit.” Or, that Reggie Lewis was from East Baltimore like me; his fan. And, that he attended Dunbar our local public high school. My teachable moment was thus decades ago – taught not by “governmental experts” – but by my parents. Thanks mom and dad!


And so, your thoughts and comments on this Medical Executive-Post are appreciated. Tell us what you think about the Gates incident. Is this even a fertile topic of discussion for the ME-P?

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