Patients Desperately Seeking EMRs

A New P4P Twist?

Staff Reporters

The Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS] recently received more than 30 applications from communities seeking to participate in a Medicare pilot program that uses electronic health records [EHRs]; according to CQ HealthBeat reports.

Pilot Program

Under the new experimental pilot program, DHHS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] will recruit 100 physician practices in 12 communities to participate, with an additional 100 practices in the communities selected to serve as a randomized control study group.


Physician practices that participate in the pilot program will receive bonuses of as much as $58,000 per physician – or as much as $290,000 per practice – after they implement EHRs and meet certain quality standards over a period of five years. This equates to about one thousand dollars, per month, per doctor.


DHHS will announce the 12 selected communities in June, 2008. But, for now, what is your current opinion of this controversial program? Or, is it just another twist on the P4P concept?

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One Response

  1. More on Google Health

    According to Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, of Information Week, Cleveland Clinic patients have been testing Google’s online health records initiative since February 2008.
    Nevertheless, we are aware that the Clinic has allowed patient access to their medical records, for years via its MyChart initiative.
    Now however, the burden has shifted from them, to the internet behemoth.
    Feel free to post you experienced comments on each.

    -Staff Reporters


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