What is a Certified Medical Planner™?

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The CMP™ Defined

[By Staff Writers]


Here is the answer taken directly from the www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.org website.

The CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter designation program is a live, instructor-led, online asynchronous educational exercise designed to increase your health industry knowledge, affinity for physician-clients and financial advisory practice revenues in an honest and ethical fashion; regardless of compensation model. Fiduciary capacity is implicit.

We provide 500 hours of health economics and medical practice management education, during a 12 month period, that comprises four quarter-mesters. Adult learners should plan on spending 5-10 hours per week on study activities. The program may be crashed under special situations and/or delivered traditionally and onground upon request.

Check it out for yourself!
Prof. Hope Hetico; RN, MHA, CMP

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  1. Adult-Learner Testimonials
    [See what they are saying about us …]
    Staff Writers

    “I really like the supportive approach to learning. The limited number of desired Certified Medical Planner™ practitioners allows the professionals at iMBA, Inc., to take an evident, genuine interest in the success of practitioners. I also agree with the program’s premise that specialization is necessary for success as any type of Financial Advisor, and for providing the best advice to client-medical professionals. I also appreciate that I had the opportunity to submit my first published work.”


    “The program has shined a harsh light on how much I still have to learn. I would like for part of the program to include suggestions for continued professional development and practice growth.”


    “I would incorporate some form of case study for each semester that examines some particular topic. I envision almost a quarterly thesis that would be based upon a prearranged list of topics.

    For example, one thesis may involve the analysis of a set of medium sized practice financials and operating results. As an alternative, the program could incorporate a juried presentation designed to incorporate a wide spectrum of the knowledge gained during the program. Perhaps, this presentation could begin late in the second quarter with subsidiary presentations designed to allow the faculty to gauge progress and suggest revisions. This would likely increase the rigor of the program and make it more difficult for some professionals to undertake it.”


    “I will rank the designations I have earned or have made progress in earning:

    1. CFA (really tough unless you work in securities valuation every day)
    2. CPA (this was a very tough exam and required a lengthy process of learning. However, I think that much of the CPA exam, when I took it, was rote-without a full understanding of the content)
    3. CFP® (this is a little more difficult than the CMP™ mainly because of the time constraints and structure of the exam. It is a little less difficult than the CPA because it incorporates some of the knowledge that CPA’s typically already possess)
    4. CMP™ – Certified Medical Planner™
    5. CLU (these exams were not very difficult but mainly required time and some limited reading)
    6. Securities Licensure (Series 7)
    7. Insurance Licensure”.

    See related link for more information:



    Did you know?

    With the addition of fiduciary requirements to the CFP® Board’s Standard of Professional Conduct, the adoption of the Pension Protection Act [PPA], and the vacating of the broker-dealer exemption, the need for health economics education in the physician advisory space is at an all-time high.

    Our online Certified Medical Planner™ program imparts the healthcare industrial complex specificity – physician focused financial planning knowledge – and integrated medical practice management expertise that is needed to help devise solutions and raise the bar of advisory competence for all those serving medical professionals in the modern era.

    Hope Hetico; RN, MHA
    Certified Medical Planner™


  3. New Financial Planner “CFP® Board Ethics”

    Did you know that the CFP® Board adopted new ethical standards, last year?

    Read this interesting post by Mike Benson for more details

    So, what about the “old” ethics?
    Hope Hetico; RN, MHA
    Certified Medical Planner™


  4. Certified Medical Plannerprogram

    For more information:


  5. Hello,

    Please allow me the honor of being an Executive-Post CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER site-blogger, and prospective student (I mean, online adult-learner)!

    I have several iMBA books, and they are insightful, easy to read and valuable. I ordered several for clients and am still checking into the CMP program myself; but wanted to be among the first to congratulate you on this blog. It is a great idea!

    You are indeed the next (or is it Net) generation of health econmic advisors for physicians and medical professionals. Keep up the good work!



  6. Troy,

    There is a four prongued approach to the CMP™ requirements:

    Becoming a Certified Medical Planner™ is really a clear-cut proposition:

    1. On-line program completion
    2. Fiduciary and ethical accountability
    3. College undergraduate degree
    4. Annual peer-reviewed CEU publications.

    Good luck!
    Hope Hetico RN MHA


  7. Medical Career Transitions

    Is this program a good idea for a doctor in career transition?

    Dr. Bryant


  8. Enter the Certified Medical Planners™

    Did you know that desperate doctors of all ages are turning to knowledgeable financial advisors and medical management consultants for help? Symbiotically too, generalist advisors are finding that the mutual need for knowledge and extreme niche synergy is obvious.

    But, there was no established curriculum or educational program; no corpus of knowledge or codifying terms-of-art; no academic gravitas or fiduciary accountability; and certainly no identifying professional designation that demonstrated integrated subject matter expertise for the increasingly unique healthcare focused financial advisory niche … Until Now!

    So, if you are looking to supplement your knowledge, income and designations; and find other qualified professionals you may want to consider the CMP® program.

    Enter the Certified Medical Planner™ charter professional designation. And, CMPs™ are FIDUCIARIES, 24/7.


    Ann Miller RN MHA
    http://www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.org and


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