Executive Order Expands Tele-Medicine

Eases Burden on Rural Medical Providers

By Health Capital Consultants, LLC


Executive Order Expands Telemedicine and Eases Burden on Rural Providers

On August 3, 2020, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at expanding access to care through two avenues: telemedicine and eased financial burdens on rural providers. The executive order builds on President Trump’s original expansion of coverage for telemedicine services in early March 2020, an order which was praised by the American Telehealth Association (ATA) and American Medical Association (AMA) for swiftly responding to the growing healthcare crisis. This Health Capital Topics article will discuss the executive rule and the subsequent agency actions on these fronts. (Read more…)



2 Responses


    Video-Conferencing, Crypto-Currency, Digital Work, Learning, Financial Advice, Education and Health, TH, TM and VC with 5-G and more have a meaningful carbon footprint today, and if industry trends continue it will soon become much worse. Unless we are willing to reassess and reform today’s research agenda, the field could become an antagonist in the fight against climate change in the years ahead.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  2. TeleMedicine

    Climate change and carbon footprint aside I think the evolution to telemedicine is a natural one. Just like every other service that people need or consume everything is moving to a more digital platform to enhance efficiencies and accessibility. Telemedicine or virtual medicine is not going away and will likely need to be sharpened and refined as we learn more about its impact on the medical industry as a whole.

    I personally think it’s awesome that we can click a few buttons and get connected with the healthcare professional especially in times of covid where isolation with certain symptoms is for the betterment of your surrounding community.



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