It’s Here: Financial Management Strategies for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

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Finally … Our Newest ME-P Textbook Release

By Ann Miller RN MHA


In this book, a world-class editorial advisory board and an independent team of contributors draw on their experience in operations, leadership, and Lean managerial decision making to share helpful insights on the valuation of hospitals in today’s changing reimbursement and regulatory environments.

Using language that is easy to understand, Financial Management Strategies for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations [Tools, Techniques, Checklists and Case Studies]  integrates prose, managerial applications, and regulatory policies with real-world case studies, models, checklists, reports, charts, tables, and diagrams. It has a natural flow, starting with costs and revenues, progressing to clinic and technology, and finishing with institutional and professional benchmarking. The book is organized into three sections:

  1. Costs and Revenues: Fundamental Principles
  2. Clinic and Technology: Contemporary Issues
  3. Institutional and Professional Benchmarking: Advanced Applications

The text uses healthcare financial management case studies to illustrate Lean management and operation strategies that are essential for healthcare facility administrators, comptrollers, physician-executives, and consulting business advisors. Discussing the advancement of financial management and health economic principles in healthcare, the book includes coverage of the financial features of electronic medical records, financial and clinical features of hospital information systems, entity cost reduction models, the financial future of mental health programs, and hospital revenue enhancements.

CASE MODEL: Managerial Costs




Table of Contents

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The Companion Text

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5 Responses

  1. A Dozen Hospitals Are Laying Off Staff and Blaming Obamacare

    But, I Don’t Believe Them



  2. Financial Management Strategies for Hospital and Healthcare Organizations

    It is fitting that Dr. David Edward Marcinko, MBA, CMP™ and his fellow experts have laid out a plan of action in Financial Management Strategies for Hospital and Healthcare Organizations that physicians, nurse-executives, administrators, institutional CEOs, CFOs, MBAs, lawyers, and healthcare accountants can follow to help move healthcare financial fitness forward in these uncharted waters.

    Neil H. Baum MD
    [Tulane Medical School]
    via Ann Miller RN MHA


  3. Announced Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions 1998 – 2012
    [Number of Deals Number of Hospitals]

    1998 139 287
    1999 110 175
    2000 86 132
    2001 83 118
    2002 58 101
    2003 38 56
    2004 59 236
    2005 51 88
    2006 57 249
    2007 58 149
    2008 60 78
    2009 52 80
    2010 72 125
    2011 90 156
    2012 100 247

    Source: Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy and Federation of American Hospitals


  4. Financial Management Strategies for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

    I am so sorry I procrastinated in purchasing this text. After review, I realized how much I didn’t know and how “groupthink” stifles innovation and paralyzes us all.

    Dr. Lawford D. Harrington III


  5. Hospital Utilization, Four-Year Annualized Rate of Change

    As cited in a Truven Health Analytics Health Leaders Media Fact File, hospitals have experienced flat or declining utilization of key services. The exception is among major teaching hospitals which have stronger performances in key areas.

    % Change Major teaching hospitals All hospitals
    Observation visits 6.90% 4.23%
    Emergency room visits 3.56% 0.65%
    Ambulatory surgery cases 4.56% 0.11%
    Operating room cases 5.09% -0.09%
    Acute care discharges 3.65% 0.02%

    Note: Data from July/August 2014.

    Source: Truven Health Analytics


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