About Premium Link Advertising on the ME-P

Premium Link Advertising on the ME-P

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What are Premium Links?

Premium [text] Links are a great advertising option because they look just like our regular “site content”, and so are generally more attractive to visitors.

For 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a full year, your company’s information, web site and email address can be placed on just about any post or perma-page of the Medical Executive-Post.


1) Premium [context] Link ads must be relevant to the healthcare or financial services industry, and are subject to editorial review.

2) We allow up to four Premium [text] Link ads per page, on a “first come, first served”, basis.

3) Premium [text] Link ad placements are “page specific”, meaning you choose the page or post on which to advertise (thus targeting a specific audience).

4) Perma-Pages are more costly than post-pages.

Start advertising today! Here’s how:

1) Contact us for a rate card or quote. 2) Send in your ad info to Ann Miller RN MHA 3) Pay for your ad via your PayPal account

If you have any questions, please email or call: MarcinkoAdviasors@msn.com Phone: 1-770.448.0769

Ann Miller RN MHA

[Managing Editor]

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2 Responses

  1. On our Text Link Ads … and much More!

    No matter your size, budget or goals we will tailor a solution that’s right for you.

    From traditional ME-P banner advertising to promotional blogging, social bookmarking and text-links, we are always changing our online strategy and implementing the latest techniques.

    Hope R. Hetico RN MHA
    [Managing Editor]


  2. Advertise with the ME-P
    [Reach Industry Pros, Executives and Decision-Makers with Ease]

    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the ME-P, the web’s only site integrating medical practice management with personal financial planning for all industry professionals.

    Why should your company sponsor the ME-P?

    • Reader loyalty. Not only does the ME-P receive a mind-boggling number of page views and visits each month, its readers are loyal.
    • Reader stature. ME-P readers are experienced industry pros, executives and decision-makers.
    • Selective advertising. The ME-P is a free read that’s off the radar of the big-ad companies. Your ad here stands out as personal and different.
    • Supporting the ME-P makes a big difference and costs only a fraction of other online publications with far fewer readers.
    • Cost. CPM is ridiculously low compared to other sites.

    E-mail us for a full packet, but give a look to these results from the ME-P’s annual reader survey:

    * 89% of readers said the ME-P influences their perception of products and companies
    * 34% said that ME-P sponsorship alone give them a higher interest or appreciation for those companies
    * 754% said the ME-P has some, a good bit, or a lot of industry influence

    Contact me and I’ll e-mail you a rate card. Your support makes a difference!

    Text Ads

    We have great sponsor packages, but maybe you want to run a short-term ad — a position listing, an announcement, or your booth number at an upcoming conference. Or, perhaps your company is between budget cycles and can’t commit to sponsorship yet. We’ve got an answer – ME-P text ads.

    Text ads are up to five lines long and are highly cost-effective. You’ll get about 25-35,000 impressions per week, reaching the ME-P’s highly targeted and loyal audience of decision-makers. Think small text ads don’t work? They’ve made two Google kids billionaires!

    PayPal Certified

    All ME-P text ad costs are for one month, payable in advance online via PayPal. We’ll post it quickly and you’ll see results almost immediately.


    Why waste money on magazines that never get read and with months of lead time required? The best way to quickly reach the critical mass of the healthcare and financial services industry is right here on the ME-P.

    Thank you.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


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