Individuals Working in Health Care Management Rose by 63.8%


By Staff Reporters


Commitment to My Co-Workers© Health Care Oversize Poster - 24 x 36 in. #M606
Individuals Working in Care Management Rose by 63.8% Nearly 100 entities responded to the Sixth Annual Survey of Healthcare Consumer Engagement Practices. According to the survey: 

•  65.8% of respondents reported that member experience was within the scope of their role in 2021:
 •  40.5% of respondents indicated their role included some responsibility for onboarding and retention
 •  Individuals working in care management rose by 63.8%
 •  Individuals working in digital transformation rose by 50.4%
 •  Individuals working in population health grew by 47.1%
Source: Engagys, December 16, 2021





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