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PURCHASE: Business Office CHECKLISTS for Medical Practice on CD-ROM

[A Compendium for the Practicing Physician]



In Medical Practice? – Buy this CD-ROM

Imagine … you’re practicing confidently in your medical office, waiting for the next patient, when “sudden administrative panic” hits.

  • Did you perform a HIPPA, Medicare or OSHA compliance review, and did you document it?
  • Did you remember to perform a competitive analysis, or vet a potential new employee?
  • Did you document medical office work place violence rules and training for employees?
  • Did you remember to review practice financial benchmarks, and know which ones?
  • Did you check on your office revenue, expenses and cash flows; etc?

Fear not!  Now, with this electronic book on CD, you’ll ask the right questions, hit the right documentation guidelines, and steer clear of disaster with plenty of time to spare. You’ll find detailed checklists for most every conceivable administrative aspect of your office, clinic or medical practice. Useful for all medical specialties [physicians, podiatrists, dentists and chiropractors, etc].

To help reduce administrative worries, you need the Office Checklists for Medical Practice[A Compendium for the Practicing Physician].

Here is a partial topic list of the more than 100 high-quality checklists for the modern Health 2.0 physician-executive:

  • New medical office time-line to launch
  • Existing practice service line extension launch
  • Office locale with competitive geographic analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and management activities
  • Office human resources and staffing protocols
  • Office operations and efficiency management
  • Health information technology review
  • Information technology security pro-formas
  • Inventory management for DME and office supplies
  • HIPAA compliance and approval
  • Medicare Compliance and approval
  • Billing, insurance and invoicing
  • OSHA compliance and review
  • Managerial cost reduction with analysis
  • Hybrid cost reduction with review
  • Office valuation and worth analysis
  • Revenue analysis and augmentation
  • Cost-Volume-Profit-Analysis of managed care contracts
  • Account Receivable protocols
  • Incurred But Not Reported cost review
  • US Patriot Act regulations, rules and,
  • Medical office workplace violence templates, etc

Special Added Bonus

We also include the following valuable resources for your office staff:

1. Glossary of managed care terms

2. Glossary of health information technology

3. Glossary of medical management abbreviations and practice business acronyms. 


Checklists are “Hot” with Today’s Political Regulators

Read what these clinical medical experts are saying about them:

SAMPLE: HIPAA Compliance

Now, be among the first-adopters to use this same YES / NO checklist concept in the vital practice management and administration aspects of your medical office or clinic. You, and your CPA will be glad you did.

Promo Letter: Letterhead Checklist Compendium

Instructions: Checklist Compendium Instructions


“Elegantly simple to use – my office staff loves it – and so do I” [Dr. James Reston Clark, III] 

And, the handsome, sturdy package makes the checklist CD an ideal gift for the recent graduate, mid-career doctor or mature medical practitioner.

Product Specifications:

Compatible with any PC or Mac computer; Adobe Acrobat Reader® required.

Price: Only $99 USD, includes SPH and tax.

TO ORDER: Please send your check or money order [for CD-ROM] to: iMBA Inc, Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive, Norcross, GA 30092-1141 [770.448.0769] or

OR – you may order electronically right here:;i=640319;cl=109140;ejc=2

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8 Responses

  1. ME-P Readers

    I just finished The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawand MD, and it is a must read. Checklists are fast making their way into medicine, particularly in the area of surgery.

    Dr. Gawande is a surgeon, and most of the anecdotes in his book are surgical. But,
    these office management checklists are to business administration, what Atul must be to surgery; modern, flexible and market responsive.



  2. “Medicine operates like a private club of self-styled deities where the entrance requirement is an MD.”

    Peter Pronovost MD in a Wall Street Journal article on physician resistance to checklists and collaboration.



  3. On Medical Checklists

    In this bestseller, Atul Gawande MD points out that much of what ails us in health care is the lack of good checklists.

    Not just the lists of course, but the fact that much of health care is now rote stuff that we already know how to do. What we need to do is accept that and stop treating the work like it’s a craft-brewed, once-in-a-lifetime invention. We need to start treating it like a complex set of tasks that needs to be done well, in order, every time and preferably by technicians specially trained to repeat the list.

    Source: Jonathan Bush
    [CEO athenahealth]


    [Table of Contents]

    Ambulatory Clinic Health Information Disaster Plan Staff Competency
    Medical Office Orientation Overview

    Development and Approval — Administrative Policy
    Committee — Approval Record for Proposed Form
    Format Design Guide for Computer — Generated Forms
    Health Record Request and Justification
    Case Mix Information Request
    Opportunity for Improvement
    Orientation Evaluation Form

    Confidentiality and Security of Computer-based Information Systems
    Security and Safeguarding of Health and Hospital Information
    Physician Access and Confidentiality Agreement
    Employee Confidentiality Agreement
    Authorization for Release of Patient Information
    Case Mix Information Confidentiality
    Health Record Access
    Duplication, Transfer, and Loan of Records
    Communication of Sexual Harassment for Employees
    Employee Performance Evaluation
    Quality Production Report
    Worksheet for Comparison of Storage Options
    Certificate of Destruction: Records Destroyed in Normal Course of Business
    Medical HIT Quality Improvement Program Assessment
    Documentation Standards for Patient Care Services
    Timeliness of Health Record Documentation
    Minimum Data Requirements for Patient Care Services

    Health Information Management Specialist
    Billing and Medical Coder
    Database Analyst
    Data Storage and Retrieval
    Computer HIT Training Needs Assessment

    Vendor Comparison Chart
    Information System Purchase Request

    Source: Copyright © 2010-11 by iMBA Inc – All Rights Reserved USA


  5. Medical Practice Management CDs

    Many thanks for the practice management CDs. I use them almost daily.



  6. Checklists

    Very popular and timely; thanks.



  7. B-School Case Models,

    I purchased these a few months ago for my classroom and they are awesome; but definitely directed toward the healthcare business space.

    Professor Maxwell


  8. MD Burnout

    Government and insurers are crushing health care, and physicians are giving up.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


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