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Of our Ethics and Advertising Policy

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; FACFAS, MBA, CMP™


Thanks to the internet, doctors and medical professionals have direct access to potential patients, while financial advisors and management consultants have direct access to potential clients. So, linking these inter-related factions on the Medical Executive-Post is our raison d’etra. Throw in their penchant to opine, act as citizen journalists and compete free-lance style; and you get a lively and novel kind of business formed around these free-labor reporters, experts and new-media entrepreneurs.


What we Do

The ME-P provides an unbiased forum, exposure platform, and voice for our contributors. We are a healthcare consulting grid, with a new media collective intelligence publishing network for industry professionals seeking brand name exposure, test market acceptance and concept validation. We offer industry essays, insider columnists, interviews, case models, news reportage, and gossip; and moderated business forums with comments. We also aggregate niche articles and pertinent videos across the web, in a limited fashion. We have three part-time employees, ICs, and a host of dedicated volunteers.

New Media

Moving into new media may seem an odd step given the collapse of the print publishing business today, and the carnage inflicted on both the healthcare space and financial services sector. But, as a privately held subsidiary, we are not after media business. We don’t sell ads on the site. You won’t see any Google references, automated Adsense or other electronically generated classifieds, here. However, we may run promotions for selected business and strategic alliance partners. We do offer our own consulting services, and sell our own textbooks, handbooks, dictionaries and institutional print guide. We also promote our online education certification program – Certified Medical Planner™ – for financial advisors interested in the healthcare niche space. THINK: Doctor-Advisor-Administrator-Journalist-Consultant. But, all of these activities of course, predate the blog site. 


Not Profit Driven

In other words, we are not a profit generating enterprise. Rather, we want to lead the professional discourse concerning the myriad of issues our business subsidiaries revolve around. To avoid issues of favoritism, we draw the line at product news and reviews. But, we do blog, opine, rant and rave to draw business to our portfolio of companies, and encourage other professionals and experts to do the same.

Support Us

There are two ways to contribute to the Medical Executive-Post:


Rest assured – our loyalties are clear. First to medical professional and the healthcare space; then to physician focused and fiduciary financial advisors; and finally to medical practice management and business consultants; in that prioritized order.

Channel Surfing the ME-P

Have you visited our other topic channels? Established to facilitate idea exchange and link our community together, the value of these topics is dependent upon your input. Please take a minute to visit. And, to prevent that annoying spam, we ask that you register. It is fast, free and secure.


Your thoughts and comments on this ME-P are appreciated. Feel free to review our top-left column, and top-right sidebar materials, links, URLs and related websites, too. Then, subscribe to the ME-P. It is fast, free and secure.

Speaker: If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Medical Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements. Contact: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com


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2 Responses

  1. Blogging versus Journal Publications

    At the ME-P, we agree with health economist Austin Frakt PhD, when he suggests that there is a crucial difference between what we do on the ME-P and what we might do in a more formal journal article.

    For example, some of what we do here is not our own work. Sure, we produce new content abundantly, but we also repackage some older things in a novel way and for a different audience. We could not do this without the good work of others. Moreover, we could not publish such repackaging in a journal. It isn’t new enough.

    Even more importantly, we bring both original and previously published work to the ME-P debate at the time it is needed. That’s a very different motivation for timing than journals have. Most journals usually publish things as they are ready. When a paper is ready for publication, its’ focus is often not the topic of debate of the day. When article publication and the debate coincide, it is usually by luck. And, it is rare.

    Journals and other institutions that support research send out press releases when new work is published. Though those are not universally ignored — far from it — they do not get the attention they might if such information were released just when the topic is hot. In other words, despite the best efforts by organizations with a mission to disseminate research, there’s a timing mismatch.

    Now, what we occasionally do at the ME-P is resurrect – and/or update – prior work just when it might be relevant. Most academic publications and related media would be too slow to do this. There are exceptions of course, things that come close to real time, but nothing that is real time. The ME-P is as close to real time as anything we’ve seen. There’s nothing else quite like it. That’s what makes us different. It is what makes us unique. It’s something to be proud of. It’s something to promote and cherish.

    Research matters and original research and publications are crucial. We know that. We do that on the ME-P too; and we also do it through our books, texts, dictionaries, journals and white papers. But, it only makes a difference to the extent that it is accessible to the right people at the right time. That’s not happening enough in our space. Like Austin, over at “The Incidental Economist”, we’re doing our best to change that on the ME-P. Wish us luck and feel free to subscribe, comment and contribute to the ME-P.

    So, if you want the opportunity to reach a personalized weekly audience of health care and financial services industry insiders, innovators and watchers, the Medical Executive-Post and its educational forums may be right for you?



    If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Medical Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements.

    Contact: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com

    David Edward Marcinko is a consultant, speaker, economist and journalist whose professional interest is the convergence of medicine, technology and practice management.

    He blogs here at the: http://www.MedicalExecutivePost.com and has just release the third edition of his seminal book:


    Ann Miller RN MHA


  2. About the ME-P

    The Medical Executive-Post, based in Technology Park, Gwinnett County GA, is the fastest growing social network dedicated exclusively to medical professionals and their financial advisors and medical management consultants.

    Physician and advisor networking, consultations, career planning, and other powerful physician-consultant specific features are now at your fingertips with the ME-P, and our related textbooks, white-papers, tools, templates, handbooks and referral ecosystem.

    Join today … prosper tomorrow!

    Hope Rachel Hetico RN MHA
    [Managing Editor]


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