Understanding Knowledge Based Ranking Services

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About Our Professional User-Generated Ratings Interface56385764

[From the Contributing Editors] 

How We Work

We are a professional ranking system. We function as an open social utility that allows readers and users to submit and collectively evaluate the quality of blog posts, opinions and essays on any of more than 50 specific topics and related subject matters of collective interest.

In Other Words 

In its simplest form, this may involve popularity rankings that can be extended to include reviews, informed opinions and discussions by multiple contributors and collaborators. As more items are submitted, read and thereby ranked, it is possible to utilize the rankings to generate sets of popular or important items by sorting thru the applied relevancy ranking system.

Human Moderaton Still Required 

In order to help maintain technical relevance however, lightly moderated resources, live editors and contributing human experts may also be used to rank items within the context of a post or discourse. This approach has huge implications in an open distributed environment. We take advantage of this hybrid communications forum in order to bring user generated content into one location. User prompted ratings and rankings then help pull top quality posts to the surface. Popularity is thus confirmed and exhibited in real time.

Write and Submit a Post

Read It – and – Rank It

Watch its Popularity Rise

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  1. ME-P

    Awesome platform, content and service.



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