FLORENCE 2.0: A.I. Advice for a A Healthier Lifestyle And Mental Health


By Staff Reporters



By 2030, the WHO projects that 15 million healthcare workers will be missing globally. 

Introducing Florence, the “world’s most extensive freely accessible AI health worker” is one way of tackling this issue. 
Florence is knowledgeable in key health topics, including mental health, nutrition and tobacco cessation, and provides information on COVID-19 vaccines. So, have a chat with her.

READ MORE: https://www.who.int/news/item/04-10-2022-who-and-partners-launch-world-s-most-extensive-freely-accessible-ai-health-worker?mc_cid=16b214db2e&mc_eid=40fee31c25

HIT: https://www.amazon.com/Dictionary-Health-Information-Technology-Security/dp/0826149952/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254413315&sr=1-5



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