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Hello All My ME-P Friends

My name is Dr. Kent Mercado JD, and I am running for Congress to be a voice for the people of Illinois District 11.

I am a proud long-time resident of Illinois, and I am excited at the thought of representing my neighbors in District 11. I have achieved many accolades over the years in my professional career, but my proudest achievement of all is my family. I have been married to my lovely wife for over 30 years, and we raised three beautiful children together. I attended Kent State University and received my Juris Doctorate at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law.

I am a licensed physician, attorney, and healthcare and governmental affairs consultant. I am also an accomplished leader in healthcare management and international medical missions. I was honored to serve as Medical Director of the Zacatacas Medical Mission in Mexico in 2008. I later led a team of nine doctors on medical missions in Haiti where we performed surgery and provided medicine to hundreds of patients. I played a large role in procuring medical and surgical supplies for the medical missions in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and other countries. I was blessed to have been able to gather and send over one million dollars’ worth of supplies to help the victims of Haiti’s massive earthquakes. One of my favorite achievements in my medical missions experience is when I helped coordinate the donation of school supplies, backpacks and clothing for over 600 children in Kenya.

I believe I have unique perspectives and ideas that will benefit my constituents and have gained the skills needed to be a capable congressman. I am known for leading and implementing complex solutions while maintaining alignment with stakeholders and managing expectations. Throughout my time as an attorney and leading missions efforts, I have learned how to consistently and quickly adapt to deal with challenges in a manner that results in positive outcomes. I am aware of the importance of adhering to schedules and standards, particularly when working on large-scale initiatives. I work well among diverse groups of people at all levels, and I have extensive experience in leading timely delivery of reliable solutions. I have also worked with several government agencies to help grow non-profit organizations through fundraising and program management.

I have loved every minute of providing aid to those in different countries and gaining experiences both professionally and personally. While I have enjoyed and cherished my time providing for those in need around the globe, I am now ready to focus my efforts on serving my neighbors in District 11. I’ve never run for office before, but I know I am prepared for it and ready to help. I look forward to combining all areas of my professional background to make positive changes in my community.

I hope you will visit my website to learn more about my campaign and join our team by making a contribution of $3,300, $1,000, $500, 250, or $100. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated and will assist me in winning this race so we can ensure that the welfare of the people of District 11 is put first.


Please Click Here to Donate: https://tinyurl.com/yckrppn8



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  1. ME-P Readers,

    Please drop us a line and consider learning about and supporting Dr. Kent, regardless of your congressional district, affiliation and/or U.S. state. He is a political centrist and surely a rising new national star.

    PS: Feel free to subscribe to this ME-P for periodic updates on Dr. Mercado as the election cycle progresses. It’s fast, free and secure!

    Fraternally with thanks.
    David Edward Marcinko


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