PODCAST: How to be a DEBT FREE Direct Primary Care Physician?


DEFINITION: The DPC model was created to allow for a singular focus upon the Primary Care Physician-2-Patient relationship. To achieve this, DPC removes the hassles and overhead expenses created by insurance and replaces it with a fixed monthly membership fee. This simplified approach frees the physician from meaningless paperwork and allows them to only see 8-10 patients a day. This level of personalized engagement allows them to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship with each patient.

CITE: https://www.r2library.com/Resource/Title/0826102549

By James Hawkes MD


Dr. James Hawkes grew up in a large family. His father was a U.S. diplomat, which exposed him to different models of healthcare. In addition to exposure, his grandmother encouraged him to become a doctor. He followed her recommendation but to his surprise, the definition of a good doctor wasn’t about improving patients’ quality of life it was about hierarchies, documentation, administrative requirements, and quality measures. 


Shortly after saying goodbye to the traditional healthcare model, he launched his own direct care practice. Fast forward to today, he is a 100% debt-free direct care physician. He shares his story of how it’s possible to achieve this goal.


PODCAST: https://healthcareamericana.com/episode/how-to-become-a-debt-free-direct-care-physician/



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