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  1. CA Medical Board Declares Neutrality On Proposed Doctor Disclosure Law

    The 15-member board that monitors physicians in California declared its neutrality on pending state legislation that would require doctors to notify their patients if they are put on probation for serious violations, including gross negligence, sexual misconduct, and felony convictions related to the care they provide. The decision by the Medical Board of California to steer clear of the fray comes despite fierce opposition to the legislation by physicians and other licensed medical professionals.

    The bill, authored by Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), would also require doctors and other medical practitioners to tell their patients if they are on probation because of a mental illness or other cognitive disability that impedes their ability to practice safely. In its current form, Hill’s bill would require providers to notify patients in writing if they are facing disciplinary actions by the medical board, osteopathic board, podiatry board, acupuncture board, or Board of Chiropractic Examiners for serious offenses that could compromise their ability to practice competently.

    Source: Ana B. Ibarra, California Healthline [5/9/16]


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