What is an “INTERVAL” Mutual Fund?

By Staff Reporters


An interval fund is a closed-end mutual fund that buys back shares only during specific intervals. Shares of the First Eagle Credit Opportunities Fund aren’t traded on public exchanges, and purchases or sales take place at the close of business, at the net asset value (NAV).

CITE: https://www.r2library.com/Resource/Title/0826102549

A fund’s NAV is simply the sum of its assets divided by the number of shares. A traditional open-ended mutual fund isn’t publicly traded either, and investors can buy or sell at NAV at the market close every business day. This means the manager of an open-ended fund has limited investment choices because a relatively high level of liquidity is needed to handle daily re-demptions.


Understanding interval funds - Griffin Capital


An interval fund sets intervals (time periods) during which shares can be sold back to the fund manager and the number of shares it is willing to redeem during any interval. This makes it possible for the manager to go for higher yields by participating in less liquid markets.


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