SCM: Understanding Supply Chain Management in Healthcare

By Staff Reporters

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA



One of the most iconic symbols of the COVID economy was the epic backlog of container ships waiting to dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. At one point this year, that backup was longer than the line at Trader Joe’s on a Saturday, stretching 109 ships deep and almost 60 miles from the coast.

But now, the shipping situation is almost back to normal. As of last week, the number of ships waiting to drop off their goods stood at just four, according to the WSJ. Plus, the cost of sending a 40-foot container from Shanghai to LA has plummeted from its peak of more than $12,000 to almost $2,000, nearing its pre-COVID average.

The fact that goods are once again flowing smoothly through US ports is a hopeful sign that inflation, which was instigated in part by supply chain snarls, could start to abate.






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