PRIVATE EQUITY: Ownership in Physician Practices




Private equity acquisition of physician practices continues to grow nationwide. New research focused on specialists in dermatology, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology shows the impact of the trend.


Novel evidence by NIHCM grantee Jane Zhu, MD, and her team, reveals shifts in workforce composition and hiring patterns after private equity firms obtain physician practices. The researchers’ findings are particularly important for policymakers and practices considering selling to private equity firms. Highlights include:

  • A significant yearly increase in the number of advanced practice providers at private equity-acquired practices, specifically nurse practitioners and physician assistants. 
  • In acquired practices, entering clinicians replaced exiting clinicians at a higher rate than at non-private equity-acquired practices.

This work adds to the research team’s previous findings, including the geographic variations in private equity ownership across six medical specialties, and the impact of private equity on health care costs and utilization.





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