PODCAST: Farzad Mostashari MD and “Aledade”Primary Care

By Shahid N Shah



Our guest on this episode is Dr. Farzad Mostashari. Farzad is the co-founder and CEO of Aledade, a primary care enablement company that partners with independent PCPs to transition to value-based care and, as a result, maintain their independence.

Founded in 2014, Aledade works with 11,000 physicians across 40 states and DC, accounting for 1.7M patients under management in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Commercial and Medicaid contracts. Farzad previously served as the National Coordinator for Health IT in the Department of Health and Human Services, he completed medical school at the Yale School of Medicine and a Master’s in Population Health from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Earlier this year, Aledade raised a $123M Series E round of funding led by OMERS Growth Equity.


In this episode, colleague Shahid N. Shah will discuss with Farzad about (1) his journey to starting Aledade and the role policy expertise and evidence have played in the company’s success (2) why he and the company are betting on independent physicians as the drivers of change in value-based care and (3) how Aledade became the rare profitable health tech company.

-Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

PODCAST: https://soundcloud.com/wharton-pulse-podcast/mostashari-aledade


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