Me, Marcinko and Dr. Avatar in 2022 [Metaverse?]

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The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now!

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™


Recently, I was invited to speak at a regional convention. No surprise there as I have been doing so – around the world – for more than twenty years – webcasts included. And, I was asked to submit the usual paraphernalia; a formal CV, audio-visual needs, travel arrangements and times, PPE, and a personal photo which were all dutifully supplied.

Then, I was asked to supply something that flabbergasted me; I became slack-jawed, actually.

DEM’s Avatar 

Imagine my surprise when I was asked for an avatar; not just a digital photograph. So – having none – I had one made and now submit it for your review.

  Photograph of Dr. David Edward Marcinko @ home

 Avatar of Dr. David Edward Marcinko @ work



So, how do I virtually look – better or worse – glasses or contact lens? It seems as though some folks are more interested in the virtual me; than the real me. Go figure!


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12 Responses

  1. I thought “Me, Marcinko and Dr. Avatar” was pretty awesome.


  2. Cool!
    Darrell Pruitt


  3. Marcinko
    You wish!


  4. Dr. Marcinko,

    Your avatar is ideal.

    But, you might consider a face lift, ears clipping, nose job, CLs and Grecian Formula 44. Oh yeah! Dropping a few lbs. wouldn’t hurt, either!

    Then, you both would match – perfect men.



  5. Elaine,

    No GF 44 or plastic surgery for me; but maybe CLs downline as I like specs to apear older, wiser and mature.

    Sorry about the “puffy” shirt appearance. Actually, as a runner, I can still fit into my HS jeans very comfortably today.



  6. Infatuation

    I think someone has a a little virtual “crush” on Dr. Marcinko?



  7. Retirement Planning with an Avatar

    Dr. Marcinko – As digital tools become more commonplace in life, and retirement planning, Allianz wants investors to see themselves mature as well — in physical terms.

    Thus, their enhanced aging avatar software program. But, was it designed by a plastic surgeon?



  8. Absolutely fascinating!


  9. Avatar
    Handsome rendering.


  10. All I can say is – far out, dude!



    Just a quick announcement that I will be at Tuskegee University on Friday April 12th to keynote a niche seminar on biological sciences, medical education and contemporary healthcare career trends.


    The gracious invitation was extended by College of Arts & Sciences Dean Channa Prakash PhD and Assistant Dean Dr. Joe Jimmeh; with re-nowned faculty and basic science researchers Dr. Marcia Martinez, Dr. Richard Whittington, Dr. Albert Russell, Dr. Clayton Yates; and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Mohammad Qazi to attend.


    I am especially eager to tour the historic TU campus, and meet two time graduate Dr. Roberta Troy who is Founding Director of the Health Disparities Institute for Research and Education (HDIRE). As a native of Baltimore, Maryland, this is an important issue to me. And, Dr. Troy was just appointed new University Provost. I understand she is a true academic dynamo and congratulate her, collegially.

    Of course, I will be sure to order a slice of Dorothy Restaurant’s specialty key-lime pie at the Kellogg Conference Center during the post-reception dinner. Yummy!



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