Reach Industry Pros, Executives and Decision-Makers with Ease!

Thank you for your interest in advertising on, or sponsoring the ME-P, the web’s only site integrating medical practice management with personal financial planning for all industry professionals.

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Why should your company sponsor or advertise on the ME-P?

• Reader loyalty. Not only does the ME-P receive a mind-boggling number of page views and visits each month, its readers are loyal.
• Reader stature. ME-P readers are experienced industry pros, executives and decision-makers.
• Selective advertising. The ME-P is a free read that’s off the radar of the big-ad companies. Your ad here stands out as personal and different.
• Supporting the ME-P makes a big difference and costs only a fraction of other online publications with far fewer readers.
• Cost. CPM is reasonable and low compared to other sites.

E-mail us for a full packet, but give a look to these results from the ME-P’s annual reader survey:

* 89% of readers said the ME-P influences their perception of products and companies
* 34% said that ME-P sponsorship alone give them a higher interest or appreciation for those companies
* 754% said the ME-P has some, a good bit, or a lot of industry influence

Contact me and I’ll e-mail you a rate card. Your support makes a difference!



EMAIL: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com

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