PODCAST: Suicide Financial Crisis Risk?

By Rick Kahler MS CFP



I lost over $450,000, I cannot pay the bank, I’ll become homeless. Suicide is the only way out.”

This desperate plea summarizes one of the top posts a few months ago on a Reddit forum for the cryptocurrency Terra Luna. Like other cryptocurrencies, it has recently lost more than 99% of its value.

Over the past five years I have written several columns and given a number of media interviews on the risks of speculating in cryptocurrencies. My most recent one generated a conversation with several of my financial planning peers about the recent crypto meltdown. One of them called my attention to the discussions about suicide on cryptocurrency forums, where some members were posting suicide prevention phone numbers.

READ HERE: https://kahlerfinancial.com/financial-awakenings/money-psychology/financial-crisis-and-the-risk-of-suicide



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