HUMAN FRAGILITY: Standardized for Financial Advisors and Medical Professionals

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA



DEFINITION: A general review of research on frailty defined it more specifically as “a state characterized by reduced physiological reserve and loss of resistance to stressors caused by accumulated age-related deficits.”


Between 10 and 15% of older adults are considered frail. But how do doctors measure frailty? One tool is called the Frailty Index for Elders (FIFE) and consists of 10 items that are scored zero to 10, with zero indicating no frailty, one to three indicating that there is a risk of frailty, and four or above indicating that the individual is considered frail in that item.

Another frailty index, used by Dalhousie University in Canada, requires 30 variables to be measured and is regarded more as a comprehensive measure of one’s overall health.

It’s important to understand that maintaining good health and fitness is not just about avoiding illness and injury, reaching overhead for that jar of peanut butter on the top shelf, and walking the dog farther than just around the block. It’s also about recovering more quickly when you get sick or injured, which everyone does eventually.





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