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By Pamela Wible MD


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This summer I did the ice bucket challenge.
But I’m challenged by another disease.
A disease so scary people won’t say it out loud.
A disease so frightening that doctors are afraid to talk about it.
A disease so feared that physicians falsify death certificates,
families deny the cause of death,
and most victims’ names are hidden for eternity.

Every year we lose over 400 doctors to suicide.
That’s like an entire medical school—gone.
I was suicidal. I survived.
But I lost both men I dated in med school to suicide.
And 3 doctors in my town in just over a year to suicide.
Each year over 1 million Americans will lose their doctors to suicide.
These are just the physician suicides I heard about this year.

Fully transcribed here: http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/blog/…

Director of Photography: GeVe.
Voiceover: Pamela Wible, MD.
Cello: Pamela Wible, MD


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2 Responses

  1. Depression a Growing, Hidden Epidemic in Med Students

    Rates of depression are high among medical students in the United States and around the world, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis of nearly 200 studies involving 129,000 medical students in 47 countries.

    More than a quarter of medical students suffer from depression or depressive symptoms, and more than 1 in 10 report suicidal ideation during medical school, the review found.

    Yet, only a minority of students who screen positive for depression seek help. The study was published in the December 6 issue of JAMA, which is a theme issue on medical education.

    Source: Megan Brooks, Medscape News [12/8/16] via PMNews


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