4-PODCASTS: When to [Financial] Plan?

The Professional Edge

By Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA


1-PODCAST: https://professional-edge.captivate.fm/episode/when-to-plan-s1

2-PODCAST: https://professional-edge.captivate.fm/episode/when-to-plan-s2

3PODCAST: https://professional-edge.captivate.fm/episode/when-to-plan-s3

4-PODCAST: https://professional-edge.captivate.fm/episode/when-to-plan-s4

Why do you spend more time planning your vacation than planning for your retirement?

You don’t plan to fail — you just fail to plan …. stop right now and

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Sean G. Todd, Esq., M. Tax, CFP®, CPA

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MORE: https://www.routledge.com/Comprehensive-Financial-Planning-Strategies-for-Doctors-and-Advisors-Best/Marcinko-Hetico/p/book/9781482240283


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