FUTURISTIC Medical Careers

By Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD



What are you going to do 10-20 years from now? We toyed with the idea and came up with a list of healthcare jobs we think will be born in the coming decades. In case you want to become an organ designer or an end-of-life therapist. OR telesurgery VR planner.

And before you say I’m looking too far into the future, let me remind you that researchers are experimenting with a computer made of DNA-coated microbeads, with wireless charging of electronic implants, an Osaka hospital uses smart glasses to connect remote teams, while the FDA cleared an A.I. software automatically flagging cases of pneumothorax.

I hope you will find the newsletter useful!

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Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD
The Medical Futurist



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    A 2019 Medscape poll of 15,069 MDs and DOs revealed that nearly half reported “burnout” with 11% suffering colloquial depression. Urology topped the heap at 54%. The reasons given were having to see too many patients and the redundant and maddening paperwork required by insurance companies. The lowest burnout rate came from solo practitioners at 41% burnout and up to 50% for healthcare organizations. Only 26% said they would recommend medicine as a profession to their children. I was unable to find a survey of chiropractors but perhaps one exists somewhere.

    Dr. Robert Kornfeld, DPM, NY, NY
    via PMMagazine


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