Sexual Harassment in the [Healthcare] Workplace

And … How to Prevent It

By Staff Reporter Ashley

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We’ve written about medical workplace violence and sexual harassment before on the ME-P and in our handbooks and texts. It is an increasingly important issue around the blog-o-sphere and in the real world.


This harassment in the workplace Infographic explains through images what sexual harassment is and how to prevent sexual harassment from happening at your small business or [medical practice, clinic or healthcare entity].

The authors’ research shows that your business [practice] is more at risk than you think and that you need to act now in proactively protecting that business.

Romance Sex Harassment




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20 Responses

  1. Sex for/or Money?

    A new survey finds that — hypothetically, of course — 18 percent of Americans would give up sex for six months in exchange for having someone else pay their bills for just one month.

    Financial advisors – please take note!



  2. Surgeon Sought in Hospital Shooting

    A region-wide manhunt continued today for a trauma surgeon and former military weapons expert suspected of fatally shooting a receptionist at the Buffalo, N.Y., hospital where they worked.

    What a shame!



  3. The Bullying Culture of Medical School

    Pauline Chen, M.D., a regular contributor to the New York Times, wrote an interesting piece on medical school bullies.



  4. Is Your Patient Stalking You?

    A Massachusetts-based gynecologist had a 27-year-old patient who began stalking him. She believed he was in love with her.

    She sent him love letters and called him repeatedly, leaving sexually suggestive messages on his answering machine. She “ran into” him at the supermarket and arranged for her daughter to join the same playgroup as the physician’s child, so that she could have an excuse to see him.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  5. When Is It Okay to Date a Patient?

    To the besotted poet, love is intoxicating, exasperating, invigorating. To the doctor, if the would-be paramour is a patient — it’s also unethical.

    But, physician responses to Medscape’s 2012 ethics survey clearly indicate that many physicians aren’t willing to condemn every romance. When asked, “Is it ever acceptable to become involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with a patient?” more than two thirds (68%) of the 24,000 doctors who responded resoundingly say “no.”

    In contrast, nearly one third are more nuanced in their view. Only a tiny minority (1%) give romance with current patients a green light, but a sizable share (22%) say that a romantic relationship with a former patient may be acceptable, as long as at least 6 months have passed since the professional relationship was terminated. Another 9% say the ethics depend on the situation.

    Source: Shelly Reese, Medscape News [11/15/12]


  6. Court Ruling: Doc’s Affair is Malpractice

    In late November, New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, issued a ruling that surprised some and angered others.

    With all 7 judges concurring in a memorandum, it ruled that a Long Island family physician’s 9-month affair with a female patient whom he was treating for anxiety and depression constituted medical malpractice.



  7. Hi there Ann

    I really enjoyed the above sexual harassment infographic posted on your ME-P blog, and thought you might be interested in a new post we just published, it’s titled ‘OSHA vs Hollywood’:

    The post analyzes movie and TV shows for OSHA violations with the help of a professional safety consultant. You’re welcome to use any of the content in our post on your site.

    Best Regards,

    Matthew Pelletier
    [Director of Public Relations]
    Compliance and Safety


  8. Sexual harassment in the medical workplace

    Must end, now!



  9. A Doctor Is Accused of Harassing Woman

    Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher, a respected ER physician in Houston, was arrested after she took revenge at the home of her husband’s mistress, also a doctor. Siler-Fisher reportedly also left a trail of unused condoms leading up the woman’s steps.

    Read more:

    And, She Allegedly Called the Woman a ‘Homewrecker’

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  10. Reportage

    It is interesting to learn that only 5-15% of these victims formally report harassment. The definitions illustrated here are easily understood as potential violation of sexual harassment. However, there are other sexual harassments that went under the radar as other comments listed here: bullying and stalking, etc.

    It is key that the company has to establish a zero tolerance policy, endorsed and well communicated to their upper management staff to ensure a safe workplace.

    Nevertheless, the violators are often the upper management themselves.

    Ken Yeung MBA CMP™ candidate


  11. Back to college

    What every freshmen ought to know about sexual assault.



  12. Wells Fargo

    WF just paid $290,000 in a Reno sexual harassment case.

    Cheese – even in 2014?



  13. Even at Yale Medical School,

    According to Tamar Lewin, of The New York Times on November 2nd, 2014, a sexual harassment case that had been unfolding without public notice for nearly five years within the Yale School of Medicine roiled the institution and led to new allegations that the university is insensitive to instances of harassment against women.

    The case involved a former head of cardiology that professed his love to a young Italian researcher at the school and sought to intervene in her relationship with a fellow cardiologist under his supervision. A university committee recommended that he be permanently removed from his position, but the provost reduced that penalty to an 18-month suspension.

    After that decision, The New York Times obtained extensive documents related to the case and interviewed 18 faculty members who expressed anger at how it had been handled, with no public acknowledgment of wrongdoing. When The Times contacted Yale last week, the university announced that the former cardiology chief, Dr. Michael Simons, “had decided” not to return to his post.

    Any thoughts?

    Hope R. Hetico RN MHA


  14. NY Podiatrist Comments on Transgender Trend

    Dr. Suzanne Levine, an accomplished podiatrist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, has seen a new trend with patients coming into her office. As someone who has been in the foot business for over 30 years, it’s hard to catch Dr. Levine off guard. But this trend is indicative of something bigger happening in America today. Levine explains, “Trans women are coming in, more often pre-op than post, asking about how they can feminize their feet.”

    In light of Bruce Jenner’s recent touchstone interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC, and growing depictions of transgender figures on shows like Orange is the New Black and Transparent, a spotlight is finally being shone on individuals who do not subscribe to “traditional” gender and sexuality norms. At the end of the day, what matters most to Levine is her patient’s mental and physical health. We live in an exciting time where transgender issues are seeing necessary attention. If she can help build up someone’s confidence, that makes it all worth it.

    Source: Edge Media Network [6/4/15]


  15. Healthcare Triage News: Doctors Have Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Too

    “Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Experiences of Academic Medical Faculty”. This study will depress you.

    This is from Healthcare Triage News.

    Hope Hetico RN MHA


  16. Sexual harassment

    The silent epidemic of sexual harassment in medical schools.



  17. Doctor Kills One at NYC Hospital

    A doctor forced from a New York hospital because of sexual harassment accusations returned with an assault rifle hidden under a lab coat and shot seven people, killing one woman and leaving several doctors fighting for their lives.

    Hope Hetico RN MHA


  18. CDC – Too!

    Former CDC head, Tom Frieden, charged with forcibly touching woman.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  19. Hospital Fired NY Podiatrist for Reporting Workplace Harassment: Suit

    God-awful medicine isn’t the only thing that flourishes at Coney Island Hospital. The Brooklyn medical center, which consistently ranks among the nation’s worst, also allows harassment to thrive there, a new lawsuit charges. The union for podiatry resident Bella Mednik, 33, says in the suit that its member was canned in August after a three-year stint at the hospital because she complained about the harassment. The court papers cite a series of off-color text messages allegedly shared among the hospital’s podiatry team.

    An arbitrator had ruled that Mednik violated nearly a dozen hospital protocols, including failing to correctly document the vital signs of a patient with gangrene in July 2016, leading up to her firing. The union says Mednik was actually fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle on the workplace harassment back in February 2017.

    Source: Julia Marsh, NY Post [11/12/18]


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