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Today’s Video is a Fundamental of Healthcare Finance That Every Professional Must Understand… and that Most Consumers DO NOT.


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The Formulary is the List of Medications That Are Covered by Health Insurance.  Not All Medications Are Covered. The Doctor Does Not Know What Medications Are or Are Not on Their Patients’ Formularies. However, the Pharmacy Does Via Computer Software That They Use.

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Formularies Have Many Rules Associated With Them:

1) Prior Authorization – Approval Must Be Given by the Health Insurance Company/PBM Before They Agree to Pay for a Medication.

2) Step Therapy – Certain Less Expensive Generic Medications Have to Be ‘Tried’ First and Fail Before a Doctor Can Prescribe a More Expensive Brand-Name Medication.

3) Mandatory Generics – If a Brand Name Medication Has A Direct Generic Equivalent, Then the Insurance May Only Agree to Pay for the Generic and Not the Brand.

4) Mandatory Mail Order – Certain Chronic Medications That Are Filled for 90 Day Supplies Must Be Filled via Mail Order and Not at the Retail Pharmacy.

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What is the “5-100” Insurance Rule?

THE 5 -100 “Policy” Rule 


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With any universal life insurance policy (and certainly all variable life policies), fluctuating rates of return, the actual timing of the premium payments, and potential internal policy changes by the insurance company, all contribute to results that will probably differ substantially from the original illustration. 

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RULE: The 5 – 100 Rule states that as a result of accounting for these elements, all initial projections of cash value beyond 5 years, will necessarily be 100 percent incorrect when compared to actuality. 

A prudent policy owner should therefore keep on top of any changes and react accordingly.  If a policy owner ignores his/her policy for even 5 years, any adverse changes could be so drastic as to make rectifying them very costly.

Citation: https://www.r2library.com/Resource/Title/0826102549

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