Deep Tech Startups


By Dr. Jeffery Funk,

All 12 Ex-Unicorn Deep Tech startups are unprofitable and another 20 privately-held #Unicorns appear to be far from profitability.

These 32 include biotech/health (12), AI/Big Data (8), sensors/AVs (4), wearables (3), satellites/space (2), and one for 3D printing, storage, and fuel cells. Of ex-Unicorns, 10 have losses greater than 30% of revenues.

Why are these #deeptech #startups so unprofitable?

My conclusion is fewer #breakthrough #technologies are coming out than decades before and ones coming out are taking longer to successfully commercialize. #AI/#BigData, sensors/#AVs, wearables, satellites, 3D printing, and fuel cells have all been over-hyped, their costs and performance are still disappointing, and their diffusion continues to be slow.

Overall, a successful example of a breakthrough #technology is hard to find since iPhone was introduced in 2007, other than OLEDs and solar cells. Yes AI, #EVs, drones, VR, AR, and IoT are diffusing and thus an analysis in 10 years might come to different conclusions, but for 2010s, there was little to commercialize. #innovation #ipo #ipos #venturecapital #vcs #vc



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