Wolfram Alpha Pros and Cons


It is going to be very difficult to show students the beauty of Wolfram Alpha and still find ways to prevent them from turning to the dark side of its power. This website is great for showing multiple representations of certain data, and it is lightning quick in producing answers compared to your hand on a tedious problem. While these two pros are at the forefront and really all that one needs to hear to become interested in exploring the site, the tide can easily and quickly turn from being a task servant to a task I’ll-do-it-all-for-you-every-time-and-you-do-nothing. One student in our 5040 class suggested that we might show this to our students at the end of the year when we are reviewing for final exams. The only problem with this is that they will not forget about this website the following year. With these things in mind, the best policy…

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