Seeking University Faculty Appointment in 2020-21

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Endowed Scholar-on-Sabbatical


By David Edward Marcinko MBBS DPM MBA MEd CMP™ 

Any New Year typically brings to mind the passage of Father Time. And, it’s hard to believe I will be finishing up my current endowed R&D sabbatical after the Spring semester.

It means searching for a new faculty appointment to continue my passion for: [1] classroom teaching and junior faculty mentorship [2], university PR, outreach, promotion and grant-funding; and of course [3] more research, development, books and publications.

This competitive scholarship ethos is AKA the triad of success: “being a guide on the side – not a sage on the stage” AND “no margin – no mission” AND “publish or perish.

Employment and Subject Matter Expertise

Now, as a consummate team player, I’ve served as adjunct, to visiting, to full distinguished professor – and as department chair, to endowed chairman, online MOOC Dean and professor-of-the-practice.  Areas of specialization include: public and population health policy, management and administration; health economics, finance and insurance; and medical capitalism, innovation and free-enterprise at the graduate or doctoral levels.

And, as a former surgeon and clinician who also trained in Europe, and devotee of Nobel Laureate Ken Arrow PhD, I’m a global inter-disciplinarian within the health care industrial complex that may soon comprise 20% of domestic GDP.

Location – Location – Location

I’m pretty much private or public [mid-size] school agnostic, but prefer the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest in a livable city; with a 9-10 month faculty appointment.

But, I wouldn’t rule out a 12-month business school, or public health sciences type Dean position, as long as it is not totally administrative. A founding department chair, or inaugural deanship, would be near perfect; 24/7/365.

Crowd-Sourcing a Job?

So, I am crowd-sourcing this new job search as an emerging trend. Moreover, crowd-funding health insurance, and crowd-sourcing medical and diagnostic care is an emerging HIT trend. In fact, it’s the R&D equivalent of my current Health Dictionary Series™ WIKI project. It’s an experiment!

Regardless of the job search, check it out and tell me what you think!


Finally, please know that I am not looking for a mere job or to climb the ladder of academia. Rather, I am seeking a university home to continue my passionate career by paying it forward as servant-leader for the next generation of business and/or public health care executives.

More Info:

If you think I might be a good fit for your university, or would just like to brainstorm ideas; give me a holler: phone: 770-448-0769; or mail:; or arrange a virtual Skype interview to “chat”. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, because I am verbose.

Serious inquirers might also want to check me out, in far-too-much-detail, here!


Thank you for the opportunity

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    • 2017: Scholar-on-Sabbatical: Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc; Atlanta, GA.
    • 2016: Appointed Hackley Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor: Capitalism and Free Markets * School of Business & Economics, University of North Carolina.
    • 2014-2015: Visiting Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence * Physician Nexus Medical Entrepreneur’s Venture Capital Advisory Board, San Jose, CA.
    • 2010-2013: Academic Dean – Certified Medical Planner® board certification program.
    • 2003-2009: CEO – Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc., Atlanta, GA.
    • 2001-2002: Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Healthcare Finance, Aspen Publishers, NY.

    Distinguished Professor, Endowed Chairman and Wall Street physician executive Dr. David Edward Marcinko is originally from Loyola University MD, Temple University in Philadelphia and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in PA; Kellogg-Keller Graduate School of Business and Management in Chicago, Oglethorpe University, and Atlanta Hospital & Medical Center in GA; and Aachen City University Hospital, Koln-Germany. He is one of the most innovative global thought leaders in health care business and entrepreneurship today.

    Dr. Marcinko is a board certified physician, surgical fellow, hospital medical staff Vice President, public and population health advocate, and Chief Executive & Education Officer with more than 400 published papers; 5,150 op-ed pieces and over 135+ domestic/international presentations to his credit; including the top 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies and financial services firms in the nation. He is also a best-selling Amazon author with 30 published text books in four languages [National Institute of Health, Library of Congress and Library of Medicine].

    Dr. Marcinko is past Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious “Journal of Health Care Finance”, and a former Certified Financial Planner®, who was named “Health Economist of the Year” in 2010, by PM magazine.

    He is a Federal and State court approved expert witness featured in hundreds of peer reviewed medical, business, management and trade publications [AMA, ADA, APMA, AAOS, Physicians Practice, Investment Advisor, Physician’s Money Digest and MD News]. As a licensed insurance agent, Registered Investment Advisor and SEC registered representative, Dr. Marcinko is Founding Dean of the fiduciary focused CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER® chartered designation education program; as well as Chief Editor of the HEALTH DICTIONARY SERIES® Wiki Project.

    His professional memberships include: ASHE, AHIMA, ACHE, ACME, ACPE, MGMA, FMMA and HIMSS. Dr. Marcinko is a MSFT Beta tester, Google Scholar, “H” Index favorite and one of LinkedIn’s “Top Cited Voices”. Presently, Professor Marcinko is “ex-officio” and R&D Scholar-on-Sabbatical for iMBA, Inc

    Education Society Memberships and Certifications

    A nationally recognized leader in physician-integration, business management and financial information services, Dr. Marcinko is a pioneer utilizing technology to improve quality education while simultaneously reducing delivery costs, with current or former memberships in:

    • American Society of Health Economists (ASHE)
    • International Health Economics Association (iHEA)
    • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
    • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
    • American Board of Podiatric Surgeons
    • Microsoft Professional Accountant’s Network (MPAN)
    • US Microsoft Partner’s Program (MPP)
    • Microsoft Health User’s Group (MS-HUG)
    • American Management Association [AMA]
    • Sun Executive Boardroom program sponsored by CEO Jonathan Schwartz
    • Healthcare Informatics Executive Panel [HIE]
    • SUNSHINE [Solutions Healthcare Information, Networking and Education]; an IT society of HIMSS and Sun Microsystems (NASD-SUNW).
    • European Medical Association
    • American Medical Writers Association [AMWA]

    Medical Academic Teaching Awards

    • Hershey PA Medical Center Surgical Gold Award: 1981, 1982, 1983
    • Chief Resident, Atlanta Hospital, 1984
    • Surgical Fellow of the Year, Atlanta Hospital, 1985
    • Doctor of the Year, Vencor Hospital, 1999
    • Surgical Teacher of the Year, Atlanta Hospital, 2000
    • Doctor of the Year, New York PM Award, 2001
    • Health Economist of the Decade, PM Award, 2002
    • Visiting Scholar Health Economics, Northlake Regional Medical Center, 2010

    Professional Financial Certifications and Licenses

    Dr. Marcinko earned Series #7 (general securities), Series #63 (uniform securities state law), and Series #65 (investment advisory) licenses from the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD-FINRA), and the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] with a life, health, disability, variable annuity, and property-casualty license from the State of Georgia.

    Academic and Faculty Appointments

    Distinguished Chair: Health Administration & Management; Vencor Hospital, GA
    Endowed Chair: Department Health Policy and Management; Atlanta Hospital
    Professor: TT Reconstructive & Trauma Surgery; Atlanta Hospital Medical Center
    Professor: Health Economics & Entrepreneurship; Atlanta Hospital Medical Center
    Visiting Professor: Health Economics: Northlake Regional Med Center, Tucker, GA
    Associate Professor: Healthcare Financial Management; Atlanta Hosp Med Center
    Assistant Professor: Healthcare Innovation and Business Administration; AHMC.

    Senior Executive Business Management Entrepreneur Experience

    Dr. Marcinko was co-founder of an ambulatory surgery center [ASC] that was sold to a public company; sold his online website to a private hedge fund; has been a Certified Physician in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ); a certified American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physician (ABQAURP); a medical-staff vice president of a general hospital; an assistant residency director; a founder of a computer-based testing firm doctors; and president of a regional Physician Practice Management Corporation in the Midwest.

    As president of a PPMC in 2000, he consolidated 95 multi-state medical practices with $150 million in revenues seeking an IPO trade listing on Wall Street, NY. In fact, as a managerial healthcare accountant, held held budgetary responsibility [fixed, variable and hybrid; cost plus [+] and cost minus [-] and zero-based] to $50-M, with P&L stewardship accountability satisfying investors and stakeholders alike.
    Global Appointments

    As a favorite on the domestic and European lecture circuit, Dr. Marcinko has often been quoted in the media, with frequent speaking engagements to 135 state medical societies and business groups in an entertaining and witty fashion.

    Leadership Philosophy

    Manage: By walking around. Doing things right – A function of position!
    Lead: By example. Doing the right thing – A function of behavior!

    Fund Raising and Grants

    • Intra-Mural Funding: $1,525,000.00 aggregate [Financial Services firms]
    • Extra-Mural Funding: $2,350,000.00 aggregate [Pharmaceutical companies]
    • Private Funding: $6,250,000.00 aggregate [Hedge funds]
    • Public Funding: $150,000,000.00 aggregate [Wall Street]

    Peer-Reviewed and Trade Journal Publications and Textbooks

    In the past, Dr. Marcinko edited seven medical practice-management books, two hospital financial and operations management books, three medical texts in four languages, six financial planning books, dozens of interactive CD-ROMs and three
    administrative dictionaries for physicians, accountants, attorneys, medical management consultants and healthcare business advisors. His white-papers have been featured by the American College of Physician Executives [ACPE], Medical Group Management Association [MGMA] and the American College of Medical Executives [ACME].

    Internationally recognized for his work, Dr. Marcinko provides litigation support and expert witness testimony in State and Federal Court, and has clinical publications archived in the Library of Congress, and the Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health [NIH].

    His thought leadership essays have been cited in journals like: Managed Care Executives, Healthcare Informatics, Medical Interface, Plastic Surgery Products, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Orthodontics Today, Chiropractic Products, Journal of the American Medical Association, Podiatry Today, Investment Advisor Magazine, Registered Representative, Financial Advisor Magazine, CFP™ Biz (Journal of Financial Planning), Journal American Medical Association (, The Business Journal for Physicians, and Physician’s Money Digest;

    by companies and professional organizations like the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), American College of Emergency Room Physicians (ACEP), Health Care Management Associates (HMA), and;

    and by academic institutions like the UCLA School of Medicine, Northern University College of Business, Creighton University, Medical College of Wisconsin, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Washington University School of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University, University of Pennsylvania Medical and Dental Libraries, Southern Illinois College of Medicine, University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan Dental Library, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, among many others. Many are archived in the Library of Congress, Institute of Health and Library of Medicine with many primary-secondary reviewing roles to his credit.

    Teaching Philosophy

    Although any learner-centered teaching philosophy, or Boyer Model of scholarship, is constantly in flux, the mission of any educator public or private, is: [1] to promote positive learning; [2] to motivate students, staff and graduates; [3]
    to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning; and in modernity [4] to enhance career and life-work opportunities; [5] improve bottom-line financial metrics, and [6] to collaborate on a national and global basis.

    But, at this level of blended pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy, the mission of any university president, college dean, or academic professor is to be a modern guide on the side; not bombastic sage on the stage.

    Moreover, academic leadership positions hold special gravitas in order to set the tone for future growth and involvement with the current and future enterprise wide didactic ecosystem of learners, sponsors, colleges, industry and institutions.


    • Medical Schools: Various adjunct onsite US clinical visiting professorships
    • Business and Graduate Schools: Keller Graduate School Business and Management: Guest scholar
    • University of Phoenix Graduate School Business and Management: Distinguished visiting instructor in economics and finance
    • Academic MBA, PhD, RN, MS, CPA, MD, DDS, DPM, DO mentor and coach.


    Traditional On-ground: Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine, California College of Podiatric Medicine; Barry University Medical School and Temple University, PA.

    On-ground and Online: Ten years online and onsite graduate and business school teaching experience for University of Phoenix, Keller Graduate School of Business and Management, DeVry and Strayer University MBA, DBA and PhD mentor, etc.

    Medical, Financial, Health Economics, Business Education and Liaison Activities

    Dr. Marcinko is frequently called to lead seminars and webinars, and to edit journals or referee manuscripts and presentations with experience in handling media (print, TV, radio) interviews and debates aimed at shedding IT and related

    financial and economic perspectives on emerging public health policy and education initiatives!

    Past liaison sponsors have included various pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi, Smith-Klein-Fujisawa, Novartis, Shering, and Aventis, etc), and Financial Services and Banking firms [First Global Financial Advisors, The Principal, ML, AIG, Sun-Trust, Fortis, Dougherty Funding]; etc.


    • Marianne Surgical Hospital: Visiting Surgeon, Aaken, Germany
    • Antwerpen, Belium (Richtig Hand anlagen am Fuss-Zweitagger)
    • Ad-hoc University of Helsinki, Department of Orthopedics
    • Ad-hoc London Clinic, Department of Orthopedics, Great Britain
    • Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Orthopedics
    • The Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland

    Previous Chief Executive Officer Position

    Dr. Marcinko was Chief Executive Officer for the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. The firm is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in 3 states, and works with a diverse list of individual and corporate clients. As a nationally recognized educational resource center and referral alliance, the firm and its network of professionals provide solutions and managerial peace-of-mind to physicians, healthcare entities, and their consulting business advisors.

    Dr. Marcinko is also a social media, education pioneer and publisher of an influential and syndicated Health 2.0 interactive blog forum with 625,000 readers.
    He is available to colleagues, clients and the press at his office in Atlanta. GA. Currently, functioning as “ex-officio” and iMBA, Inc., Scholar-on-Sabbatical-Leave

    And so, after articulating my unique value proposition, I look forward to an interview to learn more about this position and discuss ideas for my vital first 100 days of servant-leadership.

    Feel free to perform a criminal and financial background check; Google Scholar, and/or Herfindahl “H” Index review, as needed; pro-renata.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

    David Edward Marcinko
    Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive
    Norcross, Georgia 30092-1141


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