Seeking University Faculty Appointment in 2020-21

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Endowed Scholar-on-Sabbatical


By David Edward Marcinko MBBS DPM MBA MEd CMP™ 

Any New Year typically brings to mind the passage of Father Time. And, it’s hard to believe I will be finishing up my current endowed R&D sabbatical after the Spring semester.

It means searching for a new faculty appointment to continue my passion for: [1] classroom teaching and junior faculty mentorship [2], university PR, outreach, promotion and grant-funding; and of course [3] more research, development, books and publications.

This competitive scholarship ethos is AKA the triad of success: “being a guide on the side – not a sage on the stage” AND “no margin – no mission” AND “publish or perish.

Employment and Subject Matter Expertise

Now, as a consummate team player, I’ve served as adjunct, to visiting, to full distinguished professor – and as department chair, to endowed chairman, online MOOC Dean and professor-of-the-practice.  Areas of specialization include: public and population health policy, management and administration; health economics, finance and insurance; and medical capitalism, innovation and free-enterprise at the graduate or doctoral levels.

And, as a former surgeon and clinician who also trained in Europe, and devotee of Nobel Laureate Ken Arrow PhD, I’m a global inter-disciplinarian within the health care industrial complex that may soon comprise 20% of domestic GDP.

Location – Location – Location

I’m pretty much private or public [mid-size] school agnostic, but prefer the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest in a livable city; with a 9-10 month faculty appointment.

But, I wouldn’t rule out a 12-month business school, or public health sciences type Dean position, as long as it is not totally administrative. A founding department chair, or inaugural deanship, would be near perfect; 24/7/365.

Crowd-Sourcing a Job?

So, I am crowd-sourcing this new job search as an emerging trend. Moreover, crowd-funding health insurance, and crowd-sourcing medical and diagnostic care is an emerging HIT trend. In fact, it’s the R&D equivalent of my current Health Dictionary Series™ WIKI project. It’s an experiment!

Regardless of the job search, check it out and tell me what you think!


Finally, please know that I am not looking for a mere job or to climb the ladder of academia. Rather, I am seeking a university home to continue my passionate career by paying it forward as servant-leader for the next generation of business and/or public health care executives.

More Info:

If you think I might be a good fit for your university, or would just like to brainstorm ideas; give me a holler: phone: 770-448-0769; or mail:; or arrange a virtual Skype interview to “chat”. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, because I am verbose.

Serious inquirers might also want to check me out, in far-too-much-detail, here!


Thank you for the opportunity

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